The purpose of this file is to create a repository for instances of order checks that are presented to the users of VISTA across all applications.
.01order(+)0;1POINTER100BThis gives the order that the Order Check is related to.
1status0;2POINTER100.01This is the status of the order when the Order Check occurred.
2occurrence0;3FREE TEXTThis is a description field that the application where the order check occurred can use to describe where/when the order check took place. For instance, CPRS will use ACCEPTANCE_CPRS when the order check happened at order acceptance inside of the CPRS application. CPRS will use SIGNATURE_CPRS when the order check happened at order signature inside of the CPRS application.
3user0;4POINTER200This is the user that saw the order checks.
4occurrence d/t0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time that the order checks happened.
5order check1;1POINTER100.8This field represents what type of order check took place
6clinical danger level1;2SET OF CODES1:HIGH
This is the clinical danger of the Order Check type (file 100.8) at the time this order check was seen.
7override reason3;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field represents the reason that the provider is overriding the order check and continuing with placing the order.
8order check message2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field stores the text of the order check that was presented to the user.
13pharmacist override comments11;1FREE TEXTThis field represents the reason that the Pharmacist is overriding the Order Check and continuing with placing the order.
14pharmacist11;2POINTER200This is the Pharmacist who entered the Pharmacist Override Comments
14.1pharmacist comments d/t15;1DATE-TIMEThis field represents the Date and Time that the Pharmacist Override Comments were entered.
15monograph16;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field stores the monograph for drug-drug interactions.
16monograph term17;1FREE TEXTThis is the term that will be displayed to the user when selecting from a list of monographs to view.
17drug allergies4;0MULTIPLE100.517This sub-file contains drug allergies that were displayed during pharmacy (OP & IP) order entry.

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