This file contains the locally-defined rules that control if and when active orders are automatically discontinued within each division. It is strongly recommended that this file not be edited using File Manager. Please use the edit options provided in CPRS.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the rule, used to identify it uniquely in the file; it is visible in the Rule Editor only.
1inactivated1;1DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time this rule is no longer considered active; after this date/time, this rule will no longer apply.
1.5activation history2;0MULTIPLE100.61
2type of event(+)0;2SET OF CODESA:ADMISSION
This is the event that should cause orders to be automatically discontinued; for OR events, the orders will be discontinued when the TIME PAT IN OR field is entered in the Surgery package.
3division(+)0;3POINTER4This is the division that this auto-dc rule should be applied to; for a transfer across divisions, this should be the new division that the patient is going to.
4dc reason0;4POINTER100.03This is the reason that will be saved with the order indicating why it was automatically discontinued.
5display text(+)0;5FREE TEXTThis field is the name of the rule as it will appear to the user in CPRS.
6except from observation0;6SET OF CODES0:NO
This indicates if an observation treating specialty should prevent this rule from being applied, when the patient is discharged from it. Enter YES if an observation specialty should always be considered an exception to this rule, or NO to never consider it. IF READMITTED will cause the clerk to be asked if the patient will be immediately admitted again, and a response of YES will prevent this rule from being applied; because it requires user interaction, this value should only be used with the non- tasked OR GUA EVENT PROCESSOR NOTASK protocol on DGPM MOVEMENT EVENTS, otherwise a value of NO will be assumed and this rule will be applied without exception.
30mas movement types3;0MULTIPLE100.63These are the MAS Movement Types that define this event; when an MAS event occurs for one of these types, this rule will be processed if active.
40excluded treating specialties4;0MULTIPLE100.64These are treating specialties that will cause this rule to not be processed, if the EXCEPT FROM and TO specialties match the patient's transfer.
50included locations5;0MULTIPLE100.62
60included divisions6;0MULTIPLE100.66These are the divisions that will cause this rule to be processed, if the FROM division matches the patient's transfer.
70included packages7;0MULTIPLE100.67These are the packages whose orders are to be automatically discontinued when this rule is processed.
80excluded orderable items8;0MULTIPLE100.68These are the orderable items that are NOT to be automatically discontinued when this rule is processed, even if an order for it belongs to a package in the INCLUDED PACKAGES multiple.
81edit history9;0MULTIPLE100.681
100excluded display group10;0MULTIPLE100.65

Referenced by 1 types

  1. OE/RR PATIENT EVENT (100.2) -- auto-dc rule