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This file contains a list of all of the diet modifications allowed by the using facility. Associated with each diet are characteristics such as alternate names, an abbreviated name, whether a clinician is to be bulletined when ordered, and a diet precedence which is used to prevent diet conflicts and as a printing sequence order.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of a diet or diet modification as it would normally be known to ward/medical personnel.
1synonym0;2FREE TEXTCThis field may contain a synonym for the diet name; the synonym is generally terminology known and used by ward/medical personnel.
2ask expiration date?0;3BOOLEANY:YES
This field, when answered YES, will result in the user being prompted for a diet expiration date (as well as the start date) whenever this diet is contained in a total diet order.
3diet precedence(+)0;4NUMERICThis is a numerical value which performs two functions: no two diet modifications with the same precedence may be selected. The same number can therefore be assigned to mutually-exclusive diet modifications. Secondly, the diet modifications will be listed in precedence order, from low to high.
4production diet(+)0;5POINTER116.2This field contains the Production Diet entry (file 116.2) which would be prepared for this diet modification were it to stand alone from other diet modifications.
5bulletin clinician?0;6BOOLEANY:YES
This field, if answered YES, will result in a bulletin being sent to the clinician(s) responsible for the ward on which the patient resides any time this diet modification is ordered.
6abbreviated label(+)0;7FREE TEXTThis is an abbreviated label title used on diet cards; the terminology and abbreviations will normally be those used by dietetic personnel.
10alternate nameAN;0MULTIPLE111.01This field may be used for any number of alternate names for the diet modification. These alternative names will normally be those used by ward/medical personnel.
This field, if answered YES, will prohibit further selection of this diet modification by ward personnel.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. DIET PATTERNS (111.1) -- diet1, diet2, diet3, diet4, diet5
  2. NUTRITION LOCATION (119.6) -- default admission diet
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