This file is the master list of ingredients used in preparing recipes. It contains purchasing information, such as stock number and vendor, issuance data such as the issuing unit, and various conversion factors. Nutritive data such as food group, poundage factors, and a pointer to the analogous food nutrient item in File 112 are also included.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the ingredient which is an ordered item generally and which is used in the preparation of recipes.
1supply description(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis is a short description which will be used on purchase orders.
2stock number0;3FREE TEXTThis is the Federal Stock Number (with hyphens) for items obtained from VA Depots or DLA. It may be the local vendor's number for other items.
3vendor0;4POINTER113.2This field indicates the current vendor from whom the item is procured.
4unit of purchase (u/p)(+)0;5FREE TEXTThis is a two-character abbreviation indicating the unit of purchase and is such things as CN for can, PK for package, CS for case, etc.
5dietetic unit of issue(+)0;6POINTER119.1This is the unit of issue that dietetic personnel or supply personnel use for dispensing the item to ingredient control. It is generally a #10-can or similar description.
6ordering multiple (of u/p)0;7NUMERICIf the vendor requires that the unit of purchase be bought in some multiple, like 6 or 12 or 24, then that multiple is indicated here. VA Depot is the most common vendor requiring such multiples.
7no. of issue units in a u/p(+)0;8NUMERICThis is the number of Dietetic issue units in a unit of purchase. If the U/P (unit of Purchase) is a CS that contains 6 #10-cans and the Dietetic Issue unit is a #10-can then the value is 6.
8price/unit of purchase0;9NUMERICThis field contains the most recent price of the unit of purchase from the vendor.
9reorder level (in u/p)0;10NUMERICThis field indicates that when the on-hand quantity drops below this value (the re-order level), then additional quantities should be ordered.
10on hand (in u/p)0;11NUMERICThis field contains the number of issue units that are on hand.
11storage location0;12POINTER113.1This field indicates the storage location (File 113.1) where dietetics normally stores the item and where the stockroom requisition clerk will normally obtain it.
20food group(+)0;13NUMERICThis field contains the food group designated by the VA for this ingredient item.
23recipe unit(+)0;16SET OF CODESLB:LB
This field contains LB, GAL, or EACH and is used to indicate whether weight (LB), volumetric (GAL) or each (EACH) units are to be used in recipes to indicate the quantity required of this item. Amounts are stored in that file in these units. It is extremely important that this field NOT be changed unless it is certain that no recipes use this ingredient. Changing the field will invalidate the quantities shown in any recipe using the item.
24# of rec units/issue unit(+)0;17NUMERICThis field indicates the number of recipe units contained in a Dietetic Issue unit.
This field, when answered YES, will indicate that inventorying of this item is desired. It is often NO for such items as condiment packs in cases of 2000 which are replenished as needed.
26thaw days0;20NUMERICIf this is a frozen item requiring thawing before use, then the number of thaw days should be indicated.
27nutrient data reference0;21POINTER112This is a pointer to the nutrient in File 112 which most closely approximates the cooked ingredient. It will be used as a default nutrient when performing a nutrient analysis of a recipe containing this ingredient.
28weight of recipe unit in lbs.0;22NUMERICThis value represents the weight of the recipe unit in pounds and is required in performing nutrient analyses of recipes containing this ingredient.
29date cost last updated0;23DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date the cost was last updated.
30date qoh last updated0;24DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date the quantity on hand was last updated.
31master item #0;25POINTER441This field contains the Master Item number for the ingredient.
This field, if answered YES, will prohibit further selection of this entry.

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