This file contains a list of the production diets which are the basic diets actually prepared and from which the wide variety of clinical diet modifications are derived.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of a production diet. This is a diet that is prepared in the kitchen (as compared to a clinical diet modification which is ordered).
1code(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThis is a simple two-character code for the diet and is used extensively in the production summary listings.
3# days to review0;8NUMERICThis field represents the number of days after which a patient on this Production Diet should be reviewed.
7print order(+)0;6NUMERICAPThis is the order in which this production diet will appear in lists, from low print orders to high.
7.5print on daily menu?(+)0;7BOOLEANY:YES
This field, when answered YES, will result in the Production Diet being listed on the Daily Menu sheets.
8tally order(+)0;5NUMERICAOIn recoding diets, this is the order in which the clinical 'default production diets' will be matched against this production diet. Recoding will occur as soon as a match occurs. Therefore, this field can be conceptualized as representing the relative importance of the production diet.
10is this a combo diet?(+)0;4BOOLEANY:YES
This field, when answered YES, indicates that this production diet is a combination of other production diets (e.g., both low sodium and calorie restricted). Since ALL production diets in a combo must match the 'default production diets' of a clinical order, such combo production diets should have a tally order less than any of the individual production diets contained in the combo.
11singular production dietsR;0MULTIPLE116.211This multiple contains a list of the production diets which constitute the combo production diet.
This field, when answered YES, will prohibit further selection of this Production Diet.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. DIETS (111) -- production diet
  2. DIET PATTERNS (111.1) -- production diet