Contains patient allergy/adverse reaction information.
.01patient(+)0;1POINTER2BThis is the patient to whom this allergy/adverse reaction pertains.
.02reactant(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThis is the agent to which the patient had this reaction. This is the name of the reactant and will be the result of a look up on either the GMR Allergies (120.82), National Drug (50.6), Drug Ingredients (50.416), Local Drug (50) or VA Drug Class (50.605) files.
1gmr allergy0;3VARIABLE-POINTER120.82, 50.6, 50, 50.416, 50.605This field is a variable pointer to help relate this allergy to some record in one of the files to which this field points. The files that are pointed to are the GMR Allergies (120.82) file, National Drug (50.6) file, Drug (50) file, Drug Ingredients (50.416) file and VA Drug Class (50.605) file.
2drug ingredients2;0MULTIPLE120.802List of drug ingredients to which patient had reaction for this allergy/adverse reaction.
3drug classes3;0MULTIPLE120.803List of VA drug classes to which patient had reaction for this allergy/adverse reaction.
3.1allergy type(+)0;20FREE TEXTThis field contains the type(s) for this causative agent. The user can enter the type(s) separated by commas, or the following codes: D=Drug, F=Food, O=Other. If codes are used, do not use commas to separate multiple codes. Examples of valid entries are: DRUG or DRUG, FOOD or D or DF or OTHER.
4origination date/time(+)0;4DATE-TIMEAODTDate/time this allergy/adverse reaction was entered into the system.
5originator(+)0;5POINTER200Person who entered this allergy/adverse reaction into the system.
6observed/historical(+)0;6SET OF CODESo:OBSERVED
Indicates whether this allergy/adverse reaction has been observed by some personnel, or if it is historical data gathered about the patient.
This field will allow the data in this file to be unreportable to other packages. Examples of this include drug-drug interactions which do not have to be shown as allergies/adverse reactions. Note: This field is no longer supported.
10reactions10;0MULTIPLE120.81These are the reactions observed for this allergy/adverse reaction.
13chart marked13;0MULTIPLE120.813A list of those people who indicate that the patient's chart has been marked for this reactant.
14id band marked14;0MULTIPLE120.814A list of those people who indicated that the patient's ID band has been marked for this reactant.
15originator sign off0;12BOOLEAN1:YES
Indicates whether the originator of this allergy/adverse reaction signed off on it, so that it may be verified. An allergy/adverse reaction that is not signed off is not part of the patient's reportable reactions.
17mechanism0;14SET OF CODESA:ALLERGY
This field indicates the mechanism of the reaction.
Indicates whether this allergy has been verified by a verifier. The data in this field will only get put in place if the verifier has signed off using the electronic signature.
20verification date/time0;17DATE-TIMEVThe date/time this allergy/adverse reaction has been verified.
21verifier0;18POINTER200The verifier of the allergy/adverse reaction.
22entered in errorER;1BOOLEAN1:YES
Indicates if this allergy was entered in error.
23date/time entered in errorER;2DATE-TIMEThe date/time the allergy/adverse reaction was entered in error.
24user entering in errorER;3POINTER200The person who entered this allergy/adverse reaction in error.
26comments26;0MULTIPLE120.826List of comments entered about this reaction.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. ADVERSE REACTION REPORTING (120.85) -- related reaction