This file contains consult and request orders originating primarily via the OE/RR ordering process. Once the order exists in this file, receiving service users perform update tracking activities. An audit trail of the update tracking activities is maintained in this file. The only associating of results to a consult or request, for this version, is based on Medicine Package procedure results.
.01file entry date(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBDate of actual entry of consultation request into the file. Transparent to user.
.02patient name(+)0;2POINTER2FThis is the Patient who the consult or request was ordered for. Enter the patient's name, or the last four digits of the SSN.
.03oe/rr file number0;3POINTER100ACThis is the internal entry number of the order in the Orders File (100). The consult sends CPRS information about the consult which is stored in File 100. This is the IEN of the consult in that file.
.04patient location0;4POINTER44ALThis is the location of the patient when the consult/request order was placed.
.05ordering facility0;21POINTER4This field contains the number, from file 4, of the institution/hospital that is requesting the consult. This field is mandatory if the consult/ request is being sent to another hospital/institution, so that routing information can be obtained in order to return the results to the sending hospital/institution.
.06remote consult file entry0;22NUMERICThis is the ^GMR(123, file number of the consult from a foreign database. It is stored here so that when the consult is returned in an HL7 message, it can be located at the sending facility. Also, if the sending facility needs to send updated consult information to the receiving facility, this number will reference the consult number there so that the data can be added/ammended and tracking information can be updated.
.07routing facility0;23POINTER4This field will contain the INSTITUTION to which communications and updates regarding this request will be routed. If the request is being requested and performed locally, this field will be blank.
.1display text of item ordered1.11;1FREE TEXTThis is the display text of the item ordered. If the order was placed using a quick order, then the Display text is the text from the Order Dialog File. If the order was placed by selecting an Orderable Item, then the text is the Print Name from the Orderable Item file.
.125ifc role12;5SET OF CODESP:PLACER
This field will define the role of the particular VistA system in the fullfillment of the inter-facility consult. This facilitates proper HL7 message formats. PLACER indicates that this VistA system originated and ordered this request. FILLER indicates that this request was generated at the institution in the ORDERING FACILITY field.
.126remote ordering provider12;6FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of the requesting provider of an inter-facility consult. This field is only defined on an inter-facility consult on file at a consulting site.
.131ifc remote service name13;1FREE TEXTThis field holds the name of the service that will perform the Inter- facility Consult at the remote facility.
.132remote requestor phone13;2FREE TEXTThis field will contain the telephone number of the remote requestor of an inter-facility consult. This will be displayed with the consult and can expedite communication between requesting provider and consultant. This field is derived from the OFFICE PHONE field of the NEW PERSON file.
.133remote requestor dig pager13;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the digital pager number of a remote requesting provider if this is an inter-facility consult. This may expedite communication between the requesting provider and the consultant. This data in this field is derived from the DIGITAL PAGER field of the NEW PERSON file.
1to service(+)0;5POINTER123.5CThis is the "TO" service/specialty. This service is responsible for completion of the consult/request.
1.01clinical procedure1;1POINTER702.01This field contains the CP DEFINITION that is associated with this request.
2from0;6POINTER44HThis field represents the location that sent the order to the receiving location.
3date of request(+)0;7DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time the order was released from OE/RR. If the TO service entered the order stub through the Add Order (AD) action, this is the service-specified request date.
4procedure/request type0;8VARIABLE-POINTER101, 123.3APThis is the procedure that was requested via CPRS while ordering.
5urgency0;9POINTER101This field describes the urgency of the consult. Urgencies are sent in the PROTOCOL File (#101) as: STAT, EMERGENCY, INPATIENT, NEXT AVAILABLE, NOW, ROUTINE, TODAY, WITHIN 24 HOURS, WITHIN 48 HOURS, WITHIN 72 HOURS, WITHIN 1 WEEK, WITHIN 1 MONTH.
6place of consultation0;10POINTER101This is the place where the consultation will take place. Choose from: B - Bedside C - Consultant's Choice E - Emergency Room O - On Call EKG - EKG Lab
7attention0;11POINTER200Enter the name of a person you would like to alert about the consult. This person will be sent a notification that a new consult exists. In order for the person to see this type of notification, the person must be set up to receive "New service consult" notifications.
8cprs status0;12POINTER100.01DThis is the current CPRS status of the consult or request order. The Action Types which may be taken from the "Select Action: " prompt update the status in this file as well as in the Orders File (100).
9last action taken0;13POINTER123.1This is the last Action Type taken that updated the activity tracking audit trail.
10sending provider0;14POINTER200GThis is the provider who originated the order.
11result0;15VARIABLE-POINTER691, 691.1, 691.5, 691.6, 691.7, 691.8, 694, 698, 698.1, 698.2, 698.3, 699, 700, 701This is a variable pointer used by the GMRC MEDICINE PKG INTERFACE option to associate results in the Medicine Procedure Files with a consult/request order.
When a consult or request is entered by the service, rather than through CPRS order processing, this field will be set to "1" to indicate the Service forced the entry. This forcing means there is no electronic signature related to the order.
13request type(+)0;17SET OF CODESC:Consult
This field will indicate whether the order is a consult or procedure request order. Based on this fields value, the Consultation Body Header alters to indicate "Consult Type: " or "Procedure Request: ".
14service rendered as in or out0;18SET OF CODESI:inpatient
This field allows the ordering person to indicate if the service is to be rendered on an outpatient or inpatient basis. This is to alleviate the confusion if patient is currently an inpatient/outpatient but is just about to be discharged/admitted and become a outpatient/inpatient.
15significant findings0;19SET OF CODESY:yes
If significant findings are noted in the consult results, then this field may be marked "Yes", and appropriate comments may be entered in the "Comment" field. "Unknown" is the default. "No" may also be specified to indicate the results do not include significant findings.
16tiu result narrative0;20POINTER8925Pointer to the Text Integration Utilities file (#8925) where consult/request results narrative is stored.
17earliest date0;24DATE-TIME
20reason for request20;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the reason for requesting the Consult or Procedure Request.
30provisional diagnosis30;1FREE TEXTThis is the Provisional Diagnosis the ordering clinician would specify on the Consult Form 513.
30.1provisional diagnosis code30.1;1FREE TEXTThis field is used to store the coded portion of the Provisional Diagnosis if a coded diagnosis is sent via CPRS.
30.2provisional diagnosis date30.1;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date of the provisional diagnosis and will contain a value if the request is filed with a coded diagnosis. This field is used internally to help identify if a given code is active.
30.3provisional diagnosis system30.1;3FREE TEXTThis is the 3-character Source Abbreviation (SAB) for the coding system to which a given diagnosis code belongs. This field will only contain a value when a given service is configured to receive a coded diagnosis. This field is used internally to check if a given code is active. For example, ICD is stored if the coding system is ICD-9. 10D is stored if the coding system is ICD-10.
40request processing activity40;0MULTIPLE123.02Maintains history of processing actions.
50associated results50;0MULTIPLE123.03
51remote results51;0MULTIPLE123.051
This field is set via a trigger on TO SERVICE which will set this field to the value found in the ADMINISTRATIVE field of the REQUEST SERVICES file (#123.5). Requests marked as administrative shall be excluded from the Consults Performance Monitor report [GMRC RPT PERF MONITOR]

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