This file is used to maintain a log of transmissions of inter-facility consult activities to a remote VistA system. The file will record the record and activity that triggered the transmission as well as the facility to which the transmission was directed. Any transmission that receives a negative acknowledgement from the remote system will have an error code recorded. Upon successful completion of a transmission with successful acknowledgement, entries will be deleted after approximately one week.
.01date/time of entry(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis is the date time an HL7 message was directed to another VistA system containing an inter-facility consult update.
.02facility0;2POINTER4This field contains the institution to which an HL7 message was sent. The messages contain updates to an inter-facility consult.
.03message #0;3FREE TEXTAMThis is the HL7 message number generated by the VistA HL7 package. This message number is used to match up the application acknowledgement from the remote system to the event that generated it.
.04consult/request #0;4NUMERICThis is the numeric respresentation of the REQUEST/CONSULTATION file entry that generated this message activity.
.05activity #0;5NUMERICThis is the numeric representation of the ien within the REQUEST PROCESSING ACTIVITY multiple for the consult entry referenced in the CONSULT # field.
AIThis field is set to YES until a successful application accept acknowledgement is received from the remote VistA system.
.07trans. attempts0;7NUMERICThis field contains the number of times an HL7 message containing a particular consult activity was transmitted to a remote VistA system.
.08error0;8NUMERICThis field contains the error condition noted on the receiving site when receiving an IFC HL7 message. The error code numbers are defined and maintained within package documentation.

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