This file contains the problems that make up the categories defined in file #125.11; these are groups of commonly selected, similar problems. Each entry in this file links one problem to a single category, and may have a sequence number and ICD code assigned to it. Problems may appear in more than one category.
.01category(+)0;1POINTER125.11BThis is the problem category that this problem entry belongs to.
1sequence number0;2NUMERICThis is a number which determines the order this problem will appear within this group; up to two decimal places may be used. Problems in a selection list will be automatically numbered for display and selection in whole numbers, beginning with 1.
2problem0;3POINTER757.01This is a problem from the Clinical Lexicon Utility, which is to be included in this group.
3display text0;4FREE TEXTThis is the text of the problem as it is to appear on the selection list display; if a suitable match was not found during a search of the Clinical Lexicon Utility and an 'Unresolved' entry was returned, this will be the text as specified by the user.
4code0;5FREE TEXTThis is a code which is to be displayed with the text of this problem; it may be from any coding system, but will generally be assumed to be an ICD Diagnosis in the Problem List context.
5snomed ct concept code0;6FREE TEXTA clinical idea to which a unique ConceptID has been assigned in SNOMED CT. Each Concept is represented by a row in the Concepts Table.
6snomed ct designation code0;7FREE TEXTA single SNOMED CT Concept may have multiple Designations, where a Designation may be considered an alternate way of expressing the concept. Synonyms, lexical variants, abbreviations are all different types of designations. In many cases, a problem (as reported by the patient) and a finding indicating a problem will share the same concept and concept code (e.g., abdominal pain), but will have different designation codes (i.e., the generic "abdominal pain" and "abdominal pain (finding)" share the concept code 21522001, but they have the designation codes 36112013 and 750827015 respectively.

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