This file contains the structure of a Health Summary. Components from the Health Summary Components file (142.1) may be selected and restricted by number of occurrences or time limits. The original creator of a type of Health Summary is the owner of that type. Health Summaries that are "owned" may not be modified or deleted by anyone else, except the Clinical Coordinator. "Owned" Health Summaries may be used by other users to print patient information. The GMTSMGR security key is included on generic Health Summaries sent out with the Health Summary Package. These types of Health Summaries should not be deleted. Fields 2,3,4,5 and 6 are used ONLY by Indian Health Service. Specifically, fields 4 (MEASUREMENT PANEL) and 6 (SURVEILLANCE PANEL) point to files 9001017 and 9001018 respectively, which WILL NOT be present at non-PCC sites.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter the NAME of the Health Summary Type. This name will appear in the health summary header. The word "CONFIDENTIAL" will appear in front of this name and the word "SUMMARY" will appear at the end to complete the header. For example: Name entered: ICU Generated header: CONFIDENTIAL ICU SUMMARY
.02titleT;1FREE TEXTEEnter the TITLE only if you wish to replace NAME with title in the health summary header. For Example: Name entered: ICU Title entered: INTENSIVE CARE UNIT Generated header: CONFIDENTIAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT SUMMARY
.05lock0;2FREE TEXTWhen a Health Summary Type contains a Lock, edit access is normally restricted to persons who hold a security key in the SECURITY KEY file which is the same as the Lock value. If a Health Summary Type contains a Lock, users who hold that security key are NOT restricted by Ownership. A holder of the GMTSMGR security key is NOT restricted by Locks or Ownership. NOTE: Generic Health Summary Types issued with the Health Summary package contain the Lock GMTSMGR.
.06owner0;3POINTER200CEdit access to each health summary type is normally restricted to its Owner. Exception 1: Holders of the GMTSMGR security key are NOT restricted by Ownership. Exception 2: If a health summary type contains a lock, users who hold that lock key are NOT restricted by Ownership. NOTE: When a new health summary type is created, the creator's entry number in the new Person File is AUTOMATICALLY entered as Owner unless the creator holds the GMTSMGR security key. A creator who holds the GMTSMGR key may enter an Owner (IFN from new Person file) of his/her choice.
.07restrict deletion0;4BOOLEANY:YES
This field is referred to by the Create/Modify and Delete Health Summary Type options for the screening of certain summary types (esp., GMTS HS ADHOC OPTION) from deletion.
.08suppress comp without data0;5BOOLEANY:yes
This field allows health summary types to be set up to suppress printing of components that contain no data when health summaries are printed from a device. When health summary types are displayed on the screen, components that contain no data will still be displayed with a "No data available" message. This is done to eliminate any confusion that may occur when jumping between components.
.09nationally exported typeVA;1SET OF CODES1:Nationally Exported, Site Editable
2:Nationally Exported, Uneditable
This field is used to distinguish between nationally exported Health Summary Types and Health Summary Types created at the site. It serves to protect nationally exported Health Summary Types from being deleted at the site.
1structure1;0MULTIPLE142.01This multiple contains the components to be included in any given health summary type, along with the time and occurrence limits, selection items to be used, hospital location displayed, ICD text displayed, and provider narrative displayed.
20location(s) using the summary20;0MULTIPLE142.2Allows the entry of the hospital location (ward or clinic) which has requested automatic nightly queueing of one or more health summary types to a specified device.
99timestamp99;1FREE TEXTThis is the $H formatted time associated with the most recent modification to this health summary type. It is compared with the timestamp in the ^XUTL( multiple associated with this summary type, when ^XQORM is called to generate help menus for interactive navigation. If a difference exists, then the menus are "recompiled." This field is NOT to be edited interactively under any circumstances!
100suppress sensitive print data2;1SET OF CODES0:9 DIGIT SSN
This field allows control over the display of patient SSN and DOB in the report header of a given health summary type. Hard copy prints from the Reports tab of CPRS, List Manager, and the GMTS print options are affected. The DOB can be removed and the SSN restricted based on the value of this field. A value of '0' or null allows the full 9-digit SSN to display along with the DOB; flag value of '1' removes the DOB and only displays the last four of the SSN; and '2' will remove both the SSN and DOB from the report header. Viewing predefined health summary reports on screen via GMTS print options or CPRS GUI windows are NOT affected by this flag.

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