.01package being merged0;1FREE TEXTBDuring a merge process, there is the merge of the primary file. There may also be merges of related files which require special processing (as indicated by entries within the 'Affects Merge' multiple of the package file). This entry indicates which file merge the associated data is related to. The entry is a file number for which a merge is being run.
.02start date/time(+)0;2DATE-TIMEThe date and time at which the merge process actually began.
This field is used to track the current status of the merge process. The choices are: SCHEDULED - this process is scheduled to run as a task - the start date/time should be indicated in field .02 ACTIVE - the process is currently running and is actively updating the current time value for the process. COMPLETED - the process ran through the all entries to normal completion. UNKNOWN-LOST - this is an abnormal status and is set when a supposedly active process is no longer updating the current time value for the process (and has not for a period of time). RESCHEDULED - the process is scheduled to restart and continue from its last checkpointed location. The restart time should be indicated in field .05
.04restart date/time0;4DATE-TIMEThis value indicates the date and time when the merge process was last restarted or, if in the future, is scheduled to restart. A restart date/time would only be entered if the merge process was not successful in completing in its first run. If multiple restarts are required to reach completion, only the last restart would be indicated.
.05completion date/time0;5DATE-TIMEThis value indicates the Date and Time when the merge process was successfully completed.
.06number of restarts0;6NUMERICThis field is a simple count of the number of restarts which were required prior to completion of the merge process.
.07task number0;7FREE TEXTThis field shows the task number currently associated with this merge process (scheduled, active, or completed).
.08tag for merge routine0;8FREE TEXTThis field contains the TAG for entry into the merge routine for the package. This will generally be in the form of TAG^ROUTINE(ARRAY)
.09package routine0;9FREE TEXTThis is the name of the routine as specified in the package file under the 'Affects Merge' entry that specifies special processing for this package.
1.01current time1;1DATE-TIMEThis value indicates the last date/time recorded as a checkpoint by the process. This value is used to determine whether the process is still active or not.
1.02stage - current1;2SET OF CODES0:FASTER
This field is used to indicate which processing stage this merge process is currently in. The merge process goes through three stages, but since the first is rapid and doesn't require any effort to repeat (since the entries have already been merged) only two stages are recorded. The FASTER (or EARLY) stage indicates the processing of pointers which either DINUMmed or cross-referenced so that they can be identified rapidly. The LATTER stage indicates the processing of pointers which can only be found by stepping through each entry within a file - these are the pointers which require longer periods to sucessfully complete the re-pointing.
1.03file - current1;3FREE TEXTThis value indicates the file currently being processed as recorded at the last checkpoint by the active merge process.
1.04entry-current1;4FREE TEXTThis value indicates the last internal entry number recorded as a checkpoint (within the checkpointed file) by the active merge process. This value (in conjunction with the other checkpoint data) is intended for use in tracking the progress of the merge process and, if necessary, to permit the merge process to be restarted in the vicinity where it was last processing.
2file for thread2;0MULTIPLE15.232

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