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.01starting position(+)0;1NUMERICBThe starting position do the field within the extract.
1length0;2NUMERICThis contains the character length of the field.
2ending position0;3NUMERICThis is the ending position of the field data.
3name(+)0;4FREE TEXTCThis is the name given to the field within the extract.
4action1;1FREE TEXTEnter MUMPS Code that sets ACDANS to a value. DO NOT USE THE "^" (UP-ARROW). Fileman will not except and up-arrow. Use "~" tilde to replace all up-arrows. The system has been coded to convert the tilde to an up-arrow when it executes the string. S ACDANS=123 S ACDANS=$$FUNCT~ROUTINE(IEN) Preset Varables: IEN=Internal Entry number of the entry in file 165.5 ACD160=Internal Entry number of the entry in file 160 that is link to the entry in file 165.5
5default2;1FREE TEXTThe default value of a field that is has no data stored. Values can be: BLANK = " " ZERO = "0"
6fill3;1FREE TEXTThe filler that is stuffed in front of or behind the data if it is not the max length. This element is devided into two pieces delimeted by a comma. The first part tell where the fill is to go. Second part tells waht to fill with. "R" means to fill on the right side of the value and "L" means Example: L,BLANK = Fill the field with blanks then add the value to the remainder BLANK = " " ZERO = "0" NINE = "9"

Error: Invalid Global File Type: 160.171