Stores report of contact information for contract (civil) hospital program. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01associated request0;1POINTER162.2BThis is the report of contact associated with a notification/ request in contract hospital.
1vendor(+)0;2POINTER161.2This is the Fee Basis Vendor, associated with the Contract Hospital Notification/Request.
2veteran0;3POINTER2DThis is the name of the veteran who is requesting contract hospital services from the VA.
3initial date of contact0;4DATE-TIMEThis field corresponds to the Date/Time field of the Fee Notification/Request file.
4authorization from date0;5DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date/time of admission of the veteran.
5type of contact(+)0;6SET OF CODEST:telephone
This is a way of identifying how the report of contact was initiated.
6person contacted0;7FREE TEXTThis is the name of the person who called.
6.5phone # of person contacted1;4FREE TEXTThe phone number of the person with whom initial contact was made.
7street address[1] of contact0;8FREE TEXTThis is the street address of person who called.
8street address[2] of contact0;9FREE TEXTThis is a continuation line for the street address of the person who called.
9city of contact0;10FREE TEXTThis is the city of the person who called.
10state of contact0;11POINTER5This is the state of the person who called.
11zip code of contact0;12FREE TEXTThis is the zip code associated with the address of the person who called.
12attending physician0;13FREE TEXTThis is the name of the attending physician treating the patient at the contract hospital.
13attend.physician telephone no.0;14FREE TEXTThis is the number where the attending physician may be reached.
14tentative diagnosis1;1FREE TEXTInitial diagnosis given at the time of notification.
15insurance type1;2FREE TEXTThis allows the user to document any other insurance the veteran may have.
16mode of transportation1;3POINTER392.4This field allows the user to enter in the planned transportation of the veteran at time of transfer from contract hospital.
16.5veteran have other insurance1;5FREE TEXTIf the user answers 'Yes' to this question then they will be asked Insurance type.
17date/time of contact2;0MULTIPLE161.517This multiple allows the CH user to enter contacts that were made with the VA on behalf of a patient who was admitted to a non-VA facility for treatment.
18approving official1;6POINTER200This is the official who is approving/disapproving the contract hospitalization.
19date/time of admission1;7DATE-TIMEThe date and time the veteran was admitted to a non-VA facility for care.

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