.001record number11This is the internal number which is barcoded for record selection.
.01associated entity or item(+)0;1VARIABLE-POINTER2BThis defines the items in variable pointed to files which will be tracked as records.
2site number(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis field is stuffed with the value of ^DD("SITE",1) upon creation.
3type of record(+)0;3POINTER195.2This allows records of the same source to be differentiated by type.
4application(+)0;4POINTER195.1This allows multiple applications to access the record file as if each application had its own file.
5parent record0;5POINTER190PThis identifies the original or initial record of a set of records that are logically or physically described in terms of volumes.
6home location(+)0;6POINTER195.9AHThis identifies the place where a record normally resides when it isn't charged to a borrower.
7volume number(+)0;7NUMERICThis further identifies a record which is a type which is normally allowed to have multiple volumes.
8barcode last printed0;8DATE-TIMEThis gives an indication of the age of the label which was attached to the record. Labels wear out and have to be reprinted.
9patient file pointer0;9POINTER2CThis allows faster access to the patient file entities for the MAS RADIOLOGY DHCP applications.
11reason not to retire record0;11SET OF CODESt:TEACHING
ARThis marks the record to identify action that may not be appropriate.
12content descriptor0;12FREE TEXTThis allows free text descriptions for further delineation of record contents.
13loose filing indicator0;13BOOLEANy:YES
This is a flag that indicates the record may have items which should be added to it.
50inactivation dateI;1DATE-TIMEThis defines a time when the record should no longer be used or is no longer useful to a borrower.
75temporary commentCOMMENT;1FREE TEXTThis allows free text to be added to the record description to aid in its distribution.
101associated requestCL;1POINTER190.1This defines the reason why a record is moved in the system.
102associated movementCL;2POINTER190.3This defines the most recent action that has taken place on the record.
105current borrower/file room(+)CL;5POINTER195.9ABORThis identifies the current location of the record as known by the record tracking system.
106date/time charged to borrowerCL;6DATE-TIMEThis identifies the time of the last movement of a record.
107user that charged recordCL;7POINTER200This identifies the user of the system responsible for the movement of the record to a borrower.
108type of movementCL;8POINTER195.3This identifies the most recent action on the record by the system.
114associated borrowerCL;14POINTER195.9This identifies a borrower in the system which is associated with the area where the record has been moved.
115last time selected by barcode?CL;15BOOLEANy:YES
This allows a guarantee that the last movement was valid since the selection by barcode means positive identification of the record.
200# days charged to borrowerCOMPUTEDThis is the amount of time the record has been with the borrower.
201days overdueCOMPUTEDThis identifies from the system defined limit that the record should be returned to the home file room.
202number of movements on fileCOMPUTEDThis shows how much background information on a record's movements is available in the system.
300old barcodeOLDBC;E1,45FREE TEXTAOLDBCThis field is to be used by VA consolidated sites ONLY. It will be set as part of the consolidation process and must not be altered in any way. The purpose of this field is to allow consolidated sites to continue to use existing barcoded labels on their records rather than having to relabel all records. It will store the value of the record label's barcode. A cross-reference has been added to allow the look-up to select the appropriate record. This will only be used for records created prior to the consolidation. This field will contain the barcode information EXCEPT for the check-digit. For sites not involved in a consolidation, this field will contain no data and look-up will be unaffected.

Referenced by 4 types

  1. RECORDS (190) -- parent record
  2. REQUESTED RECORDS (190.1) -- name
  3. MISSING RECORDS (190.2) -- name
  4. RECORD MOVEMENT HISTORY (190.3) -- name