.01application(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis identifies the application or functional work group which is using record tracking.
2service0;2POINTER49DThis links the application with an entry in the service/section file.
3borrower barcode format0;3POINTER194.4This defines which label format will be used to print Borrower labels for this application.
7file room staff key0;7FREE TEXTThis identifies the Security key which is necessary to charge-out and check-in records to a file room.
8file room supervisor key0;8FREE TEXTThis defines the security key which is required to cancel, edit requests, define or find missing records.
9entity display header0;9FREE TEXTThis is the text used when displaying the record data.
10default record creation type0;10POINTER195.2This identifies the type of record which is normally created by the system for this application.
12missing record mail group0;12POINTER3.8This identifies the mail group which is notified when missing records are accessed or identified.
14clinic requests mail group0;14POINTER3.8This identifies the mail group which receives notification when requests for records, xrays are generated at night by the clinic request initialization.
21cancelation bulletin2;1SET OF CODES0:NOTHING
22cancelation mail group2;2POINTER3.8
23terminated borrowers2;3BOOLEANy:YES
24cancel requests2;4BOOLEANy:YES
25ok to retire records?2;5BOOLEANy:YES
31entity select prompt3;1FREE TEXTThis defines the prompt which is used when the system prompts for a record.
32borrower select prompt3;2FREE TEXTThis identifies the prompt used when the system asks for a Borrower.
41exclude inpatients4;1BOOLEAN1:YES
42default scheduled admissions4;2POINTER195.9This defines the borrower/file areas which will be used in generating a pull list from the scheduled admissions file.
43create records-clinic requests4;3BOOLEANy:YES
If set to yes a clinic request for a record will generate a record if none exists. If set to no, a request, pull list and record will not be created if there is no record at the time of the request.
44default retirement borrower4;4POINTER195.9This field contains the default Borrower to charge/transfer records when they are retired.
45default perpetual record4;5POINTER195.2This contains the record type that should be created when records are retired.
50synonyms1;0MULTIPLE195.11This allows the application to be selected by different names.
75profile/report headerHD;1FREE TEXTThis defines the text which will be displayed on various reports for this application.
100institutionINST;0MULTIPLE195.12This defines the institutions using this application.
125borrower file parametersBOR;0MULTIPLE195.16This defines that the system should ask for phone/room, associated borrower and show charged records when a borrower is accessed.
150mas records needed by clinicsMAS;0MULTIPLE195.14This defines the type of record, volumes needed, and application when a clinic schedules a visit.
161*exclude collateral requestsCL EX;1BOOLEAN1:YES
YES means do not request records for scheduled clinics if the patient type is collateral.
162*exclude c&p requestsCL EX;2BOOLEAN1:YES
YES means do not request records for a scheduled clinic if the patient type is C&P.
165exclude appointment typesEXCLUDE;0MULTIPLE195.1165Appointment types listed in this field are excluded from pull lists generated for clinics
250rad folders needed by clinicsRAD;0MULTIPLE195.15This defines the folder, volume and application that should be requested when a scheduled clinic requires x-rays.
300entity fileENTITY;0MULTIPLE195.17This defines by application the file which the record file points to.

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