.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis describes the record as to function.
2abbreviation0;2FREE TEXTThis allows the record type to be selected by a few characters.
3application0;3POINTER195.1CThis allows the record type to be associated with one or many applications.
4inquiry display order(+)0;4NUMERICThis is used by the system to allow application modification of displays.
5record label format0;5POINTER194.4This defines the label format to be used when printing a record label.
6request notice format0;6POINTER194.4This defines the label format to be used when printing a request for a record.
7control of finding records0;7SET OF CODESf:FILE ROOM SUPERVISOR ONLY!
This allows the application to limit the designation of a missing record as found.
8request purge cutoff (days)0;8NUMERICThis defines the number of days to retain requests before purging.
9pending request cutoff (days)0;9NUMERICThis defines the number of days before a request is considered not filled by the system.
10pull list purge cutoff (days)0;10NUMERICThis defines the number of days to retain pull lists before the pull lists are purged by the purge option.
11overdue record cutoff (days)0;11NUMERICThis defines the number of days that a charged record is allowed to be charged before it is considered by the system as overdue.
11.1barcode renewal cutoff (days)0;20NUMERICThis field contains the number of days required to consider re-printing a barcode label.
12# previous movements to retain0;12NUMERICThis defines the number of movements to not be purged by the purge option.
13current borr request time min.0;13NUMERICThis defines the time in the future when the current borrower may request the record again.
14can record be requested?0;14BOOLEANy:YES
No means the record cannot be requested.
15is record temporary?0;15BOOLEANy:YES
This means that the record can only be charged out once.
16ask for content descriptor?0;16BOOLEANy:YES
Yes means the system will query the user to add free text for record description.
17multiple volumes allowed?(+)0;17BOOLEANy:YES
Yes means the system will allow creation of multiple volumes for this type of record.
18ok to purge data?0;18BOOLEANy:YES
NO means that all the purge parameters will be ignored by the purge option and no data is purged until this parameter is set to YES.
19retire record cutoff (days)0;19NUMERICThis field will contain the number of days required for a record to be considered for retirement.
21pending check-in cutoff (days)1;1NUMERICThis describes the number of days a pending request will be displayed for a record when the record is being checked in.
22ok to retire records?1;2BOOLEANy:YES
50inactivation dateI;1DATE-TIMEThis defines a date when the record is no longer available to be charged out.
75linked recordsLINKED;0MULTIPLE195.22This points to other record types which should be automatically created by the system when this record is created.
100allowable file roomsF;0MULTIPLE195.21This defines which borrower/file areas may be allowed to check in this type of record.
150descriptionD;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis free text allows the record to be described more fully.

Referenced by 5 types

  1. MEDICAL CENTER DIVISION (40.8) -- default medical record type
  2. RECORDS (190) -- type of record
  3. PULL LIST (194.2) -- record type restriction
  4. RECORD TRACKING APPLICATION (195.1) -- default record creation type, default perpetual record
  5. RECORD TRACKING SYSTEM PARAMETERS (195.4) -- record type for medical folder, record type for master jacket