This file contains data on employees, users, practitioners, etc. who were previously in Files 3,6,16 and others. DHCP packages must check with the KERNEL developers to see that a given number/namespace is clear for them to use. Field numbers 53-59.9 reserved for Pharm. Nodes and X-ref 'PS*'. Field numbers 70-79.9 reserved for Radiology Nodes and X-ref 'RA*'. Field numbers 720-725 reserved for DSSM Nodes and X-ref 'EC*' and 'AEC*'. Field numbers 740-749.9 reserved for QA Nodes and X-ref 'QA*'. Field numbers 654-654.9 reserved for Social work Node 654 and X-ref 'SW*'. Field numbers 500-500.9 reserved for mailman Node 500 and X-ref 'XM*' and 'AXM*'. Field numbers 740-749.9 reserved for QA Nodes and X-ref 'QA*'. Field numbers 910-910.9 reserved for Police Package Node and X-ref 'ESP'
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter only data that is actually part of the person's name. Do not include extra titles, identification, flags, local information, etc. Enter the person's name in 'LAST,FIRST MIDDLE SUFFIX' format. This value must be 3-35 characters in length and may contain only uppercase alpha characters, spaces, apostrophes, hyphens and one comma. All other characters and parenthetical text will be removed.
.111street address 1.11;1FREE TEXTThis is the first line of the street address of the permanent address of the new person.
.112street address 2.11;2FREE TEXT This is the second line of the street address of the permanent address of the new person.
.113street address 3.11;3FREE TEXTThis is the third line of the street address of the permanent address of the new person.
.114city.11;4FREE TEXTThis is the city of the permanent address of the new person.
.115state.11;5POINTER5This is the state of the permanent address of the new person.
.116zip code.11;6FREE TEXTThis is the postal ZIP code of the permanent address of the new person.
.1211temporary address 1.121;1FREE TEXTThis is the first line of a temporary address for the new person.
.1212temporary address 2.121;2FREE TEXTThis is the second line of a temporary address for the new person.
.1213temporary address 3.121;3FREE TEXTThis is the third line of a temporary address for the new person.
.1214temporary city.121;4FREE TEXTThis is the city of the temporary location for the new person.
.1215temporary state.121;5POINTER5This is the state of the temporary location for the new person.
.1216temporary zip code.121;6FREE TEXTThis is the postal ZIP code for the temporary location for the new person.
.1217start date of temp addres.121;7DATE-TIMEThis is the beginning date for use of the temporary address for the new person.
.1218end date of temp address.121;8DATE-TIMEThis is the ending date for use of the temporary address for the new person.
.131phone (home).13;1FREE TEXTThis is the telephone number for the new person.
.132office phone.13;2FREE TEXTThis is the business/office telephone for the new person.
.133phone #3.13;3FREE TEXTThis is an alternate telephone number where the new person might also be reached.
.134phone #4.13;4FREE TEXTThis is another alternate telephone number where the new person might also be reached.
.135commercial phone.13;5FREE TEXTThis is a commercial phone number used by IFCAP.
.136fax number.13;6FREE TEXTThis field holds a phone number for a FAX machine for this user. It needs to be a format that can be understood by a sending MODEM.
.137voice pager.13;7FREE TEXTThis field holds a phone number for an ANALOG PAGER that this person carries with them. It needs to be a format that can be understood by a sending MODEM.
.138digital pager.13;8FREE TEXTThis field holds a phone number for a DIGITAL PAGER that this person carries with them. It needs to be a format that can be understood by a sending MODEM.
.141room.14;1FREE TEXTThis is the room number assigned to the new person.
.151email address.15;1FREE TEXTThis field contains the e-mail address to which an outside person or vendor can send correspondence. (i.e. firstname.lastname@domain.ext or lastname.firstname@domain.ext or lastname.firstname_i+@domain.ext as in smith.robert_b+@domain.ext for Robert B. Smith on Forum). (* Note: period replaces comma in lastname.firstname syntax, underscore replaces space, and plus sign replaces period following middle initial for VISTA MailMan addresses.) This address may appear on documents going to vendors.
1initial0;2FREE TEXTCThese are the initials of the user, which may be entered for naming users.
2access code0;3FREE TEXTThis is a unique code to identify a user to the system. This code is hashed so that it can't be looked up to find out the code. The access code will appear as a string of numbers, but must be entered as a separate entry. Users who have no access code will not receive mail. *** This field should never be edited directly - do not remove WRITE ACCESS!
2.1want to edit access code (y/n).1;10FREE TEXTEntering a YES to this field calls the KERNEL routine for entering ACCESS codes. No data is stored for this field.
2.2date access code last changedCOMPUTEDThis is the date the ACCESS CODE was last changed. It is used to see that codes are changed on a regular basis.
3file manager access code0;4FREE TEXTThis is the string that is put in DUZ(0) for use by fileman to check file and field access.
This is the gender for the new person.
5dob1;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date of birth of the new person.
This field, if set to YES (1), marks a user that is not allowed to log on to this system. It will leave all Menus, Keys and other attributes exabled for the user. An example would be an external support person that you only want to be able to log on to your system when you are monitoring them. Setting this field would prevent them from loging on to the system untill you cleared the field.
7.2verify code never expires0;8BOOLEAN0:No
This field will control if the users VERIFY code will expire at the interval set by the Kernel System Parameter LIFETIME OF VERIFY CODE. This field should only be used for access to the VistA system from other systems making connection with the RPCBroker and have very controlled access. Only persons with the XUMGR key are allowed to set this flag.
8title0;9POINTER3.1This is the title for the new person.
9ssn1;9FREE TEXTSSNThis is the social security number of the new person.
9.2termination date0;11DATE-TIMEThis is the date after which the computer will no longer recognize this user's ACCESS CODE. Once this date has passed, when the USER TERMINATE job runs it will clean out this users data based on flags in the NEW PERSON file.
9.21delete all mail access0;5BOOLEANy:YES
This gives you the ability to purge all of a user's mail related information. This includes Mail messages, Mail Boxes, Mail Groups, Surrogate privlages when that user is terminated. This is recomended.
9.22delete keys at termination0;6BOOLEANy:YES
This gives you the ability to delete all of a user's security keys, and delagated keys when the user is terminated. This is recomended.
9.3terminal type last used1.2;1POINTER3.2This field holds a pointer to the last terminal type the user selected at sign-on or in edit user char.
9.4termination reason0;13FREE TEXTThis field holds a short description of why the user has been terminated or has DISUSER flag set.
9.5user classUSC3;0MULTIPLE200.07
10alias3;0MULTIPLE200.04Other names used by this new person.
10.1name components(+)3.1;1POINTER20Answer with the entry in the NAME COMPONENTS file that contains the components of the person's name.
10.6degree3.1;6FREE TEXTThis field holds any academic or professional degree that have been earned by the user. This would be things like BS, BA, MD, and PHD.
11verify code.1;2FREE TEXTThis is the code that is used to verify that the ACCESS CODE was not found by accident. It may be entered at logon time immediately after the ACCESS CODE by typing a semicolon, then the VERIFY CODE. Verify codes may be changed by the user with the CHANGE USER CHARACTERISTICS option. The kernel site parameter field LIFETIME OF VERIFY CODE forces the user to periodically enter a new verify code.
11.1want to edit verify code (y/n).1;11FREE TEXTEntering a YES to this field calls the KERNEL routine for entering VERIFY codes. No data is stored for this field.
11.2date verify code last changed.1;1FREE TEXTThis field is triggered by a change in the VERIFY CODE. It is used to determine when the USER must be notified to change their code.
11.6allow ara access.1;6BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is for a control that is under development.
11.7ara value.1;7FREE TEXTARAThis value is used to identify the user in non interactive connections.
12.1current degree level12;1POINTER771.9This is the current degree level upon entry into the current training program/residency at this VA medical facility.
12.2program of study12;2POINTER8932.2This is the discipline that best describes the trainee's current program of study at this VA medical facility.
12.3last training month & year12;3FREE TEXTThis is the MONTH and LAST year the trainee anticipates being in a training program at this VA medical facility.
12.4vha training facility12;4POINTER4
12.5date hl7 trainee record built12;5DATE-TIMEAOAAThis is the date that the trainee information was built and sent to the OAA server.
12.6clinical core trainee12;6BOOLEANY:YES
This field designates whether or not the person is an active Trainee.
12.7date no longer trainee12;7DATE-TIMEThis is the date when a Registered Trainee is no longer to be considered an trainee. This may be at the end of a rotation period or at the end VA training experience.
12.8start of training12;8DATE-TIME
13nick name.1;4FREE TEXTThis is a string that is used in the sign-on greeting and for mailman user lookup.
14pac.1;5FREE TEXTThis is a code to be checked before a user is allowed to get into programmer mode.
14.9hinq employee number.1;9FREE TEXTACThe employee number associated with HINQ passwords from the DVB should be entered here.
15prohibited times for sign-on0;12FREE TEXTThis is a pair of times within which the user will not be allowed access to the computer. They should be entered in Military format, for example 0900-1300 would prohibit signons from 9AM to 1PM each day.
16division2;0MULTIPLE200.02This is the one or more divisions that this user may sign-on and do work for.
19delegate of19;1POINTER200This field holds the name of the person who has delegated menu manager authority to the user. The user is thus the 'delegate of' the person named here.
19.1delegation date19;2DATE-TIMEThis field records the data that the user became a delegate.
19.2delegation level19;3NUMERICThis field records the level of delegation authority with respect to the systems manager, level zero. When the systems manager delegates authority to someone else, that person will be at level one. Levels are maintained so that lower level delegates cannot interfere with the menus of higher level delegates.
19.4alert date/timeXQA;0MULTIPLE200.194This is a multiple field which is used to generate alerts to the users. The data for alerts is filed by date and time.
19.5delegated options19.5;0MULTIPLE200.19This is a sub-file of pointers to the Option File which detail those options this user may delegate to others.
19.6allowable new menu prefix19.6;0MULTIPLE200.196This subfile holds the set of namespaces available to this user in the creation of menus with delegated options.
19.8menu template19.8;0MULTIPLE200.198This multiple holds sets of predefined menus which can be envoked by the user by entering a right-square-bracket ("[") followed by a template's name.
20uci.2;0MULTIPLE200.01This is the set of UCI's that this user must choose from at sign-on time.
20.1date e-sig last changed20;1FREE TEXTA $H date of the last time the E-Sig code was changed. Triggered by a X-ref on the ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE CODE field.
20.2signature block printed name20;2FREE TEXTThe name entered must contain the surname of the user. The name must be 2 to 40 characters in length. This field can then contain the name of the user as they wish it to be displayed with the notation that they signed the document electronically. For example: John R. Doe, M.D. or Fred A. Sample, RN.
20.3signature block title20;3FREE TEXTThis field should contain the title of the person who is electronically signing a document. Examples of titles are Chief of Surgery, Dietician, Clinical Pharmacist, etc. This title will print next to the name of the person who signs the document. The person's name will be taken from the SIGNATURE BLOCK PRINTED NAME field. The title must be 2 to 50 characters in length.
20.4electronic signature code20;4FREE TEXTThis field contains the encrypted code which the user types when signing documents electronically. The user's input will be compared to this field when validating his electronic signature. All electronic signature codes should be treated as confidential.
28mail code5;2FREE TEXTThis is the mail code for the new person.
29service/section(+)5;1POINTER49EThis is the name of the service or section for the new person.
30date entered1;7DATE-TIMEThis is the date on which the user was entered into the user file. It is automatically inserted into the file by the ADD USER option.
31creator1;8POINTER200This is the name of the user who entered this user into the user file. It is automatically set by the ADD USER option.
31.1file range1;1FREE TEXTThis field limits a user to a specific range of file numbers. When creating new files, only a number within this range can be assigned to the new file.
31.2text terminator1;4FREE TEXTIf specified, the character string in this field will be used instead of a carriage return to mark the end of word-processing text. It will be used in all VA FileMan word-processing contexts, e.g. in mail messages. It can facilitate the uploading of files from a PC environment. Note that the VA FileMan edit menu provides an option for temporarily specifying a text terminator for that edit session only.
31.3preferred editor1;5POINTER1.2If an entry exists in this field, then whenever a user edits data in a FileMan word-processing field, they will automatically be transferred into their preferred editor. If this field is blank, then the default editor will be either the FileMan screen editor when editing within ScreenMan format, or the standard FileMan line editor in all other cases.
32accessible fileFOF;0MULTIPLE200.032This multiple-valued field contains the list of files the user may access. The type of access granted to the user is included for each file that appears on the list. The user may be allowed to look at records (READ access), edit existing records (WRITE access), add new record (LAYGO access), delete records (DELETE access), or modify the file structure (DATA DICTIONARY ACCESS).
41allowed to use spoolerSPL;1BOOLEANy:YES
If set to 'YES', this user will be able to use the spool device to create spool documents.
41.1multi-device despoolingSPL;2BOOLEANy:YES
If set to 'YES', the user will be able to print (despool) a spooled document to more than one device simultaneously.
41.2can make into a mail messageSPL;3BOOLEANy:YES
If set to 'YES', the document is given the status of a mail message and the user will be able to use all MailMan functions such as copying and forwarding. As a mail message, the document can no longer be manipulated with the spooler since its flag in the Spool Document File has been deleted.
41.97authorize release of npiNPI;3BOOLEAN1:Yes
Answer 1 (Yes) if this disclosure of an individual practitioner's NPI is to a non-VA health care provider or its agent to support, or in anticipation of supporting, the submission of health care reimbursement claims by non-VA health care providers or their agents (ex., display of FEE Basis authorizations). Per Routine Use Amendment #18 to the Privacy Act of 1974 this disclosure can be made without requiring consent (Blanket Authority) from the practitioner.
41.98npi entry statusNPI;2SET OF CODESN:NEEDS ENTRY
This field is used in tracking the entry status of NPI d ata for those providers who require an NPI. The providers needing this value are identified based on data entered in the PERSON CLASS subfile which indicates providers that may be related to billing activities. The value is initially set to N or NEEDS ENTRY. It can be changed to E or EXEMPT for individuals who have been identified, but who due to administrative activities, etc., will not be involved in activities requiring billing. When the NPI value is entered, the value is changed to D or DONE.
41.99npiNPI;1FREE TEXTANPIEach VHA Billable Practitioner should have applied for the NPI through CMS' National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). NPI Confirmation Letters are sent by CMS and indicate the NPI assigned. Practitioners may present their NPI Confirmation Letter as a source document to verify the accuracy of the NPI or you may contact your Local NPI Maintenance Team Leader for assistance.
42effective date/timeNPISTATUS;0MULTIPLE200.042
50.1key delegation level50;1NUMERICThis a simple, numeric value which prevents removing delegated keys from someone with a lower level number.
51keys51;0MULTIPLE200.051These are "keys" that define the characteristic(s), authorization(s), or privilege(s) of the person.
52delegated keys52;0MULTIPLE200.052This subfile contains pointers to the Key File of those keys that this person is allowed to allocate to other users.
53.1authorized to write med ordersPS;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to determin if the provider is authorized to write orders.
53.11detox/maintenance id numberPS;11FREE TEXTThis field holds the Detoxification/Maintenance ID number used for the substance abuse providers that is "DATA-waived". (one X, one alpha, 7 numbers)
53.2dea#PS;2FREE TEXTPS1This field is used to enter the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number. Enter the DEA number as two upper case letters followed by 7 digits. e.g., AA1234567. Each provider must have a unique number.
53.3va#PS;3FREE TEXTPS2This field is used to enter the VA number. The VA number must be unique.
53.4inactive datePS;4DATE-TIMEThis field is used to show the inactive date of a provider whereas they can no longer write orders.
53.5provider classPS;5POINTER7This field is used to show the providers class.
53.6provider typePS;6SET OF CODES1:FULL TIME
3:C & A
This field is used to show the type of provider (staff, fee, etc.)
53.7requires cosignerPS;7BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to determine if the provider needs a cosigner.
53.8usual cosignerPS;8POINTER200This field is used to show the usual cosigner for the provider.
53.9remarksPS;9FREE TEXTThis field is used to enter remarks and or comments about the provider.
53.91non-va prescriberTPB;1BOOLEAN1:YES
The Transitional Pharmacy Care Project (TPB) introduces fields 53.91 - 53.96, to allow a NON-VA Physician to be added to the New Person file (#200), so that Outpatient Pharmacy could process medication prescribed by such physicians. A value of 1 indicates that this person is a NON-VA Physician.
53.92tax idTPB;2FREE TEXTTAX ID of the NON-VA Physician's Private Clinic, where the prescription was written.
53.93exclusionary check performedTPB;3BOOLEAN1:YES
Department of Health and Human Services provides an exclusionary list of Medical Practitioners (providers excluded are those who are not allowed to receive payment for government services due to various reasons). When adding NON-VA Physicians, they must be checked against this list. A value of 1 indicates that an Exclusionary Check was performed for this physician.
53.94date exclusionary list checkedTPB;4DATE-TIMEThe date Exclusionary Check was performed.
53.95on exclusionary listTPB;5BOOLEAN1:YES
Was the NON-VA Physician on the Exclusionary Check List? A value of 1 indicates that the Physician was on the Exclusionary Check.
53.96exclusionary checked byTPB;6POINTER200User ID of the person who made the entry.
54.1licensing statePS1;0MULTIPLE200.541This multiple contains credentialing information about a provider that is used by the state.
54.2state issuing dea numberPS2;0MULTIPLE200.55This mutiple contains the DEA# issued by a state in order to allow providers to write medication orders for controlled medications.
55.1schedule ii narcoticPS3;1BOOLEAN1:Yes
This field is used to determine if the provider has privileges for Schedule II narcotic.
55.2schedule ii non-narcoticPS3;2BOOLEAN1:Yes
This field is used to determine if the provider has privileges for Schedule II non-narcotic.
55.3schedule iii narcoticPS3;3BOOLEAN1:Yes
This field is used to determine if the provider has privileges for Schedule III narcotic.
55.4schedule iii non-narcoticPS3;4BOOLEAN1:Yes
This field is used to determine if the provider has privileges for Schedule III non-narcotic.
55.5schedule ivPS3;5BOOLEAN1:Yes
This field is used to determine if the provider has privileges for Schedule IV controlled substances.
55.6schedule vPS3;6BOOLEAN1:Yes
This field is used to determine if the provider has privileges for Schedule V controlled substances.
70staff review requiredRA;1BOOLEANY:yes
This field applies to 'Interpreting Resident' personnel. If it contains a 'yes', an interpreting staff is required to review this resident's report results.
71allow verifying of othersRA;2BOOLEANy:YES
If this field is set to 'YES' and the 'ALLOW VERIFYING BY RESIDENTS' division parameter is also set to 'YES' then this resident is allowed to verify reports associated with another interpreting physician. (If both parameters are set to 'YES' the 'On-line Verifying of Reports' option will prompt the user to 'Select Interpreting Physician: ' allowing the user to select an interpreting physician other than him/herself.) If this field is set to 'NO' then this resident is only allowed to verify his/her own reports. If the division parameter 'ALLOW VERIFYING BY RESIDENT' is set to 'NO' then regardless of how this field is set, the resident will not be allowed to verify other interpreting physicians' reports. If the user is classified as Interpreting Staff, s/he will be allowed to select another interpreting physician's name and reports if this field is set to 'YES'.
72rad/nuc med classificationRAC;0MULTIPLE200.072This multiple field contains information about the classification assigned to Rad/Nuc Med personnel. Possible classifications are Technologist, Interpreting Resident, Interpreting Staff, and Clerk.
73rad/nuc med inactive dateRA;3DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date that this person was inactivated as a Rad/Nuc Med user.
74rad/nuc med location accessRAL;0MULTIPLE200.074This field will allow the user to access all data specific to a particular Radiology/Nuclear Medicine location.
101.01restrict patient selection101;1BOOLEAN0:NO
Answer 'YES' to restrict this user to selecting only those patients associated with the list pointed to by the PATIENT SELECTION LIST field (#101.02).
101.02patient selection list101;2POINTER100.21If a value is entered into this field, the user is allowed to select only those patients associated with this OE/RR LIST.
101.13cprs tabORD;0MULTIPLE200.010113
125problem list primary view125;1FREE TEXTThis string contains the user's preferred view of the problem list. Problems are assigned a category based upon the service of the provider who entered and/or is treating the problem; a screen may then be invoked allowing a filtered view of the problem list.
125.1problem selection list125;2POINTER125This is the user's preferred default list of problems to select from when adding to a patient's problem list. If there is a list specified here from the Problem Selection List File (#125), it will be automatically presented to the user when the "Add New Problem(s)" action is selected; otherwise, the user will simply be prompted to select a problem from the Clinical Lexicon Utility.
200.04multiple sign-on200;4SET OF CODES0:NOT ALLOWED
2:Only one IP
This field, if filled in, overrides the SITE and DEVICE Files as to whether this user can sign-on to multiple terminals at the same time, or is limited to one workstation (IP), only one connection. If you select "Only one IP" be sure to put a value into the "MULTIPLE SIGN-ON LIMIT" field so users can sign-on at least once. Values are: 0 = Only one connection. 1 = Multiple connections from multiple IP's. 2 = Only one IP address.
200.05ask device type at sign-on200;5SET OF CODES1:ASK
This field controls if the user/terminal should be asked for a terminal type during sign-on. If set to YES then the system will try and get the terminal type from the terminal. If this doesn't work, then user is prompted. If set to NO then the one from the users Last Sign-on field or the device subtype will be used.
200.06auto menu200;6SET OF CODES0:NO MENUS GENERATED
This field controls whether the user will see menus automatically displayed (as if he had typed a "?") each time a new option is presented.
200.07language200;7POINTER.85The value in this field replaces the Default Language field in the Kernel Site Parameters file. It points to the Language file for the VA FileMan Dialog file.
200.08reservedXUS;8FREE TEXTPlace holder, see file 3.5 #51.8
200.09type-ahead200;9SET OF CODESY:ALLOWED
If type ahead is selected, the user will be able to type text ahead of what the computer is actually reading. The computer stores the keystrokes from the user, which may be confusing if the computer is slow but more efficient if the user is careful.
200.1timed read (# of seconds)200;10NUMERICThis field, if filled in, overrides the SITE and DEVICE files as to the time this user has to respond to a timed read. Stored in DTIME.
200.11always show secondaries200;11BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is a flag used by the menu system to control if the user is shown there secondary menu list with one '?' or two.
200.18auto sign-on200;18BOOLEAN0:No
This field will control if the Auto Sign-on (Single Sign-on) is enabled for use with terminal sessions.
200.19multiple sign-on limit200;19NUMERICThis field, if filled in, overrides the SITE file. This field sets an upper limit on the number of concurrent sessions that this user can have from one IP address when the Multiple Sign-on field (#204) is set to "One IP"
201primary menu option201;1POINTER19APThis is the menu option that this user will be dropped into if none of the following are set: (in the order checked) Tied routine, Device primary menu.
201.1primary window201;2POINTER19This is the lead or first window launched at startup.
201.2startup default201;3SET OF CODESM:Primary Menu Option
W:Primary Window
This field determines if the Primary Menu or the Primary Window is loaded at logon.
202last sign-on date/time1.1;1DATE-TIMEThis field is set when a user signs on to the system.
202.02xus logon attempt count1.1;2NUMERICThis is used to let the user know about unsuccessful logon atempts.
202.03xus active user1.1;3BOOLEAN0:No
If a user gets the ** MULTIPULE SIGN-ON NOT ALLOWED ** message this field can be set to NO to allow them to sign-on again. This flag is set by XUS and XUSCLEAN.
202.04entry last edit date1.1;4DATE-TIMEThis field holds the date time this entry in the file was last edited. The following fields now trigger the current date to the ENTRY LAST EDIT DATE field: DISUSER (#7), ACCESS CODE (#2), and TERMINATION DATE (#9.2).
202.05lockout user until1.1;5DATE-TIMEThis field is used by the signon code to lockout users that have tried bad VERIFY codes too many times. This field holds the date/time that the user should be locked out of the system until. It is set with the current time plus the lockout time.
202.1last option accessed202.1;1POINTER19This field holds the last option accessed by the user, when the user selects the CONTINUE option instead of HALTing. When the user logs on again, he will be able to continue directly at that option.
202.2last option main menu202.1;2FREE TEXTThis field holds an indicator of which primary or secondary menu a user was in, after selecting the CONTINUE option. It is used in con- junction with the LAST OPTION ACCESSED to resume when a user logs back on.
203secondary menu options203;0MULTIPLE200.03Options awarded a user not on his or her primary menu option
203.1timestamp203.1;1FREE TEXTThis is the time at which this option was last modified. It is triggered automatically by the appropriate fields. If a CPU references an option which has been modified since it was last rebuilt, it triggers a rebuilding of the options.
205.1secid205;1FREE TEXTASECIDIdentity and Access Management SECID field used to uniquely identify a VistA user by Security ID. *** This field should never be edited directly - do not remove WRITE ACCESS!
205.2subject organization205;2FREE TEXTIdentity and Access Management SUBJECT ORGANIZATION field used to identify the Organization of an externally authenticated user (Subject). Examples: "Department of Veterans Affairs" or "Department of Defense" *** This field should never be edited directly - do not remove WRITE ACCESS!
205.3subject organization id205;3FREE TEXTIdentity and Access Management SUBJECT ORGANIZATION ID field used to uniquely identify the Organization that is providing the identification for an externally authenticated user (Subject). The organization ID may be an Object Identifier (OID), using the urn format (that is, "urn:oid:" appended with the OID); or it may be a URL assigned to that organization. For SSOi this will be hard-coded to Department of Veterans Affairs official Home Community ID. NHIN standards specify that the web address of the Subject Organization is typically stored in this field (example: *** This field should never be edited directly - do not remove WRITE ACCESS!
205.4unique user id205;4FREE TEXTIdentity and Access Management UNIQUE USER ID field used to uniquely identify a user (Subject) within the Subject Organization. The combination of Subject Organization ID (OID) and Unique User ID (UID) is cross-referenced in VistA and must be unique. For VA SSOi, this will be the user SecID. Within NHIN this could be the subject of the NHIN SAML token which would contain email address of a X.509 name. *** This field should never be edited directly - do not remove WRITE ACCESS!
205.5adupn205;5FREE TEXTADUPNIdentity and Access Management Active Directory User Principle Name (AD UPN) field.
351personal diagnoses list351;0MULTIPLE200.0351This is the provider's personal list of preferred diagnoses codes.
400supply employee400;1SET OF CODES1:WAREHOUSE
450paid employee450;1POINTER450This field is a pointer to the PAID EMPLOYEE (#450) file.
500network address500;0MULTIPLE200.005This is the begining of a network address. Enter the Lastname of the user or an identifier that he is known as on the receiving system.
501.1network username501;1FREE TEXTThis is the username that is used by the Windows Active Directory. It should be 'VHA' + 3 char station ID + first 5 of last name + first character of first name. Holders of the XUMGR key can override this.
501.2subject alternative name501;2FREE TEXTASANThis is a name from the PIV card field SUBJECT ALTERNATIVE NAME also known as USER PRINCIPLE NAME. The subject alternative name extension allows identities to be bound to the subject of the certificate. These identities may be included in addition to or in place of the identity in the subject field of the certificate. Subject alternative name is defined by an Internet electronic mail address. When the subjectAltName extension contains an Internet mail address, the address MUST be stored in the rfc822Name.
654social worker ?654;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field will be used to indicate if the user is a Social Worker. It will also act as a screen for lookups.
654.1immediate supervisor654;2POINTER200ASWCThis field is used to indicate the immediate supervisor of the social worker.
654.15position/title654;5SET OF CODES1:SW CHIEF
This field will be used to indicate the position/title of the social worker.
654.2social worker's number654;3NUMERICASWDUnique number assigned to social worker by service. Enter a number 01-999.
654.3surrogate654;4POINTER200ACSWThis field will be used to indicate a surrogate supervisor. When this field has data, the surrogate supervisor will have access to data pertaining to worker information for the surrogated supervisor.
720dmms unitsEC;0MULTIPLE200.72This multiple field contains the DMMS units to which this person has access for entering data and generating reports.
747.11appointment statusQAR12;1SET OF CODES1:FULL-TIME
Contains the Appointment Status for this person.
747.113renew dateQAR8;2DATE-TIMEContains the Renewal Date for our General Privilege.
747.44dea expiration dateQAR;9DATE-TIMEThis field contains the expiration date for DEA #.
900enumeration initiatedMPI;1DATE-TIMEThis field notes the date/time the VPID enumeration attempt was initiated.
901enumeration completedMPI;2DATE-TIMEThis field notes the date/time the VPID assignment was completed.
902requires transmissionMPI;3BOOLEANY:Yes
This field is used to note that this record was just added to this file, or that an edit was made to the fields that MPI cares about capturing and a VPID needs to be assigned or an update message needs to be sent. Fields being monitored for change are: .01 NAME .111 STREET ADDRESS 1 .112 STREET ADDRESS 2 .113 STREET ADDRESS 3 .114 CITY .115 STATE .116 ZIP CODE .131 PHONE (HOME) 4 SEX 5 DOB 9 SSN 41.99 NPI 53.2 DEA# 200.06,.01 VISITED FROM 200.06,2 DUZ AT HOME SITE
910.1badge numberESP;1NUMERICEnter the badge number assigned to the VA police officer.
910.2rankESP;2FREE TEXTEnter the VA police officer's assigned rank designation, i.e., CHIEF, LIEUTENANT, PATROL OFFICER, etc.
8910visited from8910;0MULTIPLE200.06This subfile stores the information that travels along with visitors using the CPRS Foreign Views software to look at medical data of a patient which resides on a system where the visitor may not have valid access or verify codes. When that person name and Social Security Number is put into the visited system's New Person File this multiple is updated to provide the ability to trace the visitors back to the system from which they are visiting. This field (.01) stores the number of the site where the visitor was authenticated.
8932.001provider keyCOMPUTEDThis Computed field gets a 1 if the user holds the provider key. It is expected that the field will be removed or changed after the Person class field conversion is completed.
8932.1person classUSC1;0MULTIPLE200.05
8932.2pgyearUSC2;1NUMERICThis field holds what Post Graduate year a person is.
8932.21pgy assignedUSC2;2DATE-TIMEThis field holds the date that the PGYear field was last edited.
8932.3fyearUSC2;3NUMERICThis field is the Fellowship year of a person.
8932.31fy assignedUSC2;4DATE-TIMEThis field holds the Date that the FYear field was edited.
8980.16person file pointer(+)0;16POINTER16A16This field holds a pointer to the person file so there will be a way to provide a cross reference to help convert 'person file' pointers into 'new person file' pointer after the person file is removed.
8983.11display help at entry to lmLM;1BOOLEANy:YES
If set to yes, a help text will be displayed before entering the editor. This is used primarily for new users.
8983.12ask terminal type at lm entryLM;2BOOLEANy:YES
If set to yes, the terminal type will be asked upon entry to the editor.
8983.13default terminal type for lmLM;3POINTER3.2This field stores the default terminal type for a user.
8983.14display lm commandsLM;4BOOLEANy:YES
If set to yes, the list of commands will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when entering the command mode.
8983.15bright chars at exit from lmLM;5BOOLEANy:YES
If set to yes, the terminal will be left in high intensity after exiting.
8983.16date last accessed lm wpLM;6DATE-TIMEThe date and time a user last accessed the LetterMan word processor document editor.
8983.17total minutes using lm wpLM;7NUMERICThe total minutes a user has used the LetterMan word processor document editor.
8983.18keystrokes from lm wpLM;8NUMERICThis field stores the total number of keystrokes a user has typed from the word processor document editor.
8983.5spelling exception dictionaryLM1;0MULTIPLE200.0089831This field stores the exception spelling dictionary for the user.
8983.51defined formats for lmLM2;0MULTIPLE200.0089832This field is used to store predefined format lines which a user can select from during editing.
8983.52defined phrases for lmLM3;0MULTIPLE200.0089833This field stores predefined phrases which can be inserted into the document during editing.
8983.6lm limit wp fields to editLM4;0MULTIPLE200.0089834This field is used by the user to limit which word processing fields should be edited by LetterMan.
9000vpidVPID;1FREE TEXTAVPIDThe VA Person Identification Number which was assigned by the Person Service central system. Used to uniquely identify a Person.

Referenced by 547 types

  1. IMPORT TEMPLATE (.46) -- creator
  2. DD AUDIT (.6) -- user
  3. FILE (1) -- developer
  4. AUDIT (1.1) -- user
  5. ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY (1.11) -- archiver, selector, purger, user performing action
  6. PATIENT (2) -- who entered patient, provider, attending physician, address change user, death entered by, last edited by, eligibility status entered by, *current pc practitioner, fff entered by, fff removed by
  7. FAILED ACCESS ATTEMPTS LOG (3.05) -- user
  8. PROGRAMMER MODE LOG (3.07) -- user
  9. SIGN-ON LOG (3.081) -- user
  10. SPOOL DOCUMENT (3.51) -- user
  11. PRINT QUEUE JOB (3.52) -- owner
  12. MAILBOX (3.7) -- name, last mailman access user id
  13. MESSAGES TO BE NEW AT A LATER DATE (3.73) -- user
  14. MAIL GROUP (3.8) -- organizer, coordinator
  16. HELP FRAME (9.2) -- author
  17. INSTALL (9.7) -- installed by
  18. PATCH MONITOR (9.9) -- non-kids patch completed by
  19. TASKS (14.4) -- user
  20. DUPLICATE RECORD (15) -- record1, record2, who created, who verified, who changed
  21. VISTALINK LISTENER STARTUP LOG (18.04) -- user responsible
  22. OPTION (19) -- creator
  23. AUDIT LOG FOR OPTIONS (19.081) -- user
  24. OPTION SCHEDULING (19.2) -- user to run task
  25. PRF LOCAL FLAG HISTORY (26.12) -- entered/edited by
  26. PRF ASSIGNMENT HISTORY (26.14) -- entered by, approved by
  27. PATIENT ENROLLMENT (27.11) -- entered by
  28. ENROLLMENT QUERY LOG (27.12) -- notify
  29. NOSE AND THROAT RADIUM HISTORY (28.11) -- ntr entered by, verified by, dx verified by
  30. MST HISTORY (29.11) -- provider determining status, user changing status
  31. DG SECURITY LOG (38.1) -- security assigned by
  32. INCONSISTENT DATA (38.5) -- identified by, last updated by
  33. ADT/HL7 TRANSMISSION (39.4) -- transmitted by
  34. MEDICAL CENTER DIVISION (40.8) -- prf ownership edited by
  35. SCHEDULED ADMISSION (41.1) -- provider, person scheduling admit, cancelled by
  36. PRE-REGISTRATION AUDIT (41.41) -- user
  37. PRE-REGISTRATION CALL LOG (41.43) -- user
  38. MAS PARAMETERS (43) -- amis 420 started by, bt certifying official, *billing supervisor name
  39. G&L CORRECTIONS (43.5) -- entry person
  40. HOSPITAL LOCATION (44) -- default provider
  41. PTF (45) -- closed out by, provider
  42. PTF MESSAGE (45.5) -- entry clerk
  43. PTF ARCHIVE/PURGE HISTORY FILE (45.62) -- archive user, purge user
  44. PTF CLOSE OUT (45.84) -- last closed out by, released by
  45. PTF TRANSACTION REQUEST LOG (45.87) -- user
  46. PAF (45.9) -- closed out by, reopened by
  47. INPATIENT CPT CODE (46) -- user
  48. INPATIENT POV (46.1) -- user
  49. SERVICE/SECTION (49) -- chief, asst chief, coordinator (irm)
  50. DUE ANSWER SHEET (50.0731) -- provider, created by, last edited by
  51. NATIONAL DRUG TRANSLATION (50.612) -- duz #, duz of verifier
  52. PRESCRIPTION (52) -- provider, entered by, pharmacist, finishing person, filling person, checking pharmacist, ndc validated by, verifying pharmacist, cosigning physician
  53. REMOTE PRESCRIPTION LOG (52.09) -- outgoing request pharmacist
  54. RX VERIFY (52.4) -- clerk
  55. PENDING OUTPATIENT ORDERS (52.41) -- entered by, provider, flagged by, unflagged by
  56. RX SUSPENSE (52.5) -- printed by
  57. PHARMACY EXTERNAL INTERFACE (52.51) -- person
  58. CLOZAPINE PRESCRIPTION OVERRIDES (52.52) -- user entering, approving team member
  59. EPHARMACY SITE PARAMETERS (52.86) -- user
  60. PSO AUDIT LOG (52.87) -- provider, user
  61. NON-VERIFIED ORDERS (53.1) -- provider, renewal user, verifying nurse, verifying pharmacist, physician, clerk, marked cancelled user, label creator
  62. PRE-EXCHANGE NEEDS (53.4) -- user
  63. PHYSICIANS' ORDERS (53.44) -- user
  64. INPATIENT USER PARAMETERS (53.45) -- inpatient user
  65. BCMA MISSING DOSE REQUEST (53.68) -- entered by, dose delivered by
  66. BCMA REPORT REQUEST (53.69) -- entered by
  67. BCMA UNABLE TO SCAN LOG (53.77) -- user id
  68. BCMA MEDICATION VARIANCE LOG (53.78) -- user
  69. BCMA MEDICATION LOG (53.79) -- entered by, action by, prn effectiveness entered by, admin witnessed by
  70. PHARMACY PATIENT (55) -- responsible provider, ud provider
  71. PHARMACY AOU INVENTORY (58.19) -- person doing inventory
  72. SPMP EXPORT BATCH (58.42) -- exported by
  73. PADE INBOUND TRANSACTIONS (58.6) -- user, witness
  74. PADE USER (58.64) -- vista user
  75. DRUG ACCOUNTABILITY TRANSACTION (58.81) -- transactor, dispensed by, order received by, filled by, ordered by, ordered by pharmacy, completed by nurse, received by tech, picked up by, completed by pharmacist, pharmacist editing, pharmacist cancelling, releasing pharmacist, transfer from naou nurse, transfer to naou nurse, nurse id, second nurse id, pharmacist id, second pharmacist id, cs inspector, second cs inspector
  76. CS WORKSHEET (58.85) -- ordered by, dispensed by, tech, ordered by pharmacy
  77. CS DESTRUCTION (58.86) -- pharmacist turning in drug, nurse returning drug, pharmacist destroyed drug, cancelled by
  78. CS CORRECTION LOG (58.87) -- corrected by pharmacist, nurse, gs entered by pharm
  79. CS ERROR LOG (58.89) -- corrected by
  80. PHARMACY SYSTEM (59.7) -- user to last run inits, user last editing auto-purge, last drug linker, dose conversion run by
  81. LAB SHIPPING EVENT (62.85) -- user
  82. LAB DATA (63) -- report routing (provider), physician, resident pathologist, senior pathologist, autopsy assistant, autopsy released by, person modifying text
  83. WKLD LOG FILE (64.03) -- provider, pathologist
  84. LAB DSS LAR EXTRACT (64.036) -- provider
  85. BLOOD INVENTORY (65) -- log-in person, disposition entering person, provider number, tech entering-abo interp, tech entering-rh interp
  86. BLOOD DONOR (65.5) -- demog ent/edit by, deferral enter/edit by
  87. RESEARCH (67.1) -- provider
  88. STERILIZER (67.2) -- provider
  89. ENVIRONMENTAL (67.3) -- provider
  90. ACCESSION (68) -- responsible official
  91. HOWDY SITE FILE (69.86) -- howdy bot
  92. HOWDY SPECIMEN TIMES BY UID (69.87) -- collector
  93. LABORATORY SITE (69.9) -- pce default provider
  94. RAD/NUC MED PATIENT (70) -- user who entered patient
  95. RAD/NUC MED REPORTS (74) -- verifying physician, transcriptionist, pre-verification user, status changed to verified by
  96. REPORT BATCHES (74.2) -- user who created batch
  97. REPORT DISTRIBUTION (74.4) -- computer user, requesting physician
  98. RAD/NUC MED ORDERS (75.1) -- approving rad/nuc med phys, requesting physician, user entering request
  99. HL7 Message Exceptions File (79.3) -- user
  100. MEDICAL RECORD (90) -- *axis 4 by, *axis 5 by
  101. LAB ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY (95.11) -- archiver, selector, purger, user performing action
  102. ORDER (100) -- current agent/provider, who entered, alert on results, dc'ed by, completed by
  103. ORDER CHECK INSTANCES (100.05) -- user, pharmacist
  104. OE/RR PATIENT EVENT (100.2) -- created by
  105. OE/RR LIST (100.21) -- creator
  106. OE/RR PT SEL COMBO (100.24) -- name
  107. OE/RR ERRORS (100.4) -- duz
  108. PROTOCOL (101) -- creator
  109. ORDER DEA ARCHIVE INFO (101.52) -- provider
  110. CPRS QUERY DEFINITION (102.21) -- owner
  111. PATIENT TASK (102.3) -- user, completed by, canceled by
  112. ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (102.4) -- provider
  113. USER MENU (112.6) -- user
  114. NUTRITION PERSON (115) -- new person
  115. DIETETIC ENCOUNTERS (115.7) -- clinician, entering clerk, review clerk
  116. DIETITIAN TICKLER FILE (119) -- dietitian
  117. DIETETIC CONSULTS (119.5) -- user to bulletin
  118. NUTRITION LOCATION (119.6) -- clinician
  119. NUTRITION EVENTS (119.8) -- entered clerk
  120. FH SITE PARAMETERS (119.9) -- authorizor 1, authorizor 2, authorizor 3, authorizor 4, authorizor 5, authorizor 6, authorizor 7, authorizor 8, authorizor 9, authorizor 10, authorizor 11, authorizor 12, authorizor 13, authorizor 14, authorizor 15
  121. GMRV VITAL MEASUREMENT (120.5) -- entered by, error entered by
  122. PATIENT ALLERGIES (120.8) -- originator, verifier, user entering in error
  123. ADVERSE REACTION REPORTING (120.85) -- observer, reporting user
  124. ADVERSE REACTION ASSESSMENT (120.86) -- assessing user
  125. REQUEST/CONSULTATION (123) -- attention, sending provider
  126. GMRC PROCEDURE (123.3) -- ifc coordinator
  127. REQUEST SERVICES (123.5) -- creator, service individual to notify, special updates individual, ifc coordinator
  128. GMR TEXT (124.3) -- author, user entering in error
  129. PROBLEM LIST AUDIT (125.8) -- who modified, requesting provider
  130. SURGERY (130) -- hair removal by, primary surgeon, first asst, second asst, attending surgeon, perfusionist, asst perfusionist, skin prepped by (1), princ anesthetist, relief anesthetist, asst anesthetist, anesthesiologist supvr, verifier, inst cnt verf by, foley catheter inserted by, time-out document completed by, surg sched person, skin prepped by (2), skin prepped by (3), sponge, sharps, & inst counter, count verifier, diagnostic results confirm by, iv started by, coding verifier, cancelled by, provider, attend provider, assessment completed by, report given to, surgeon verifying unet, surgeon ver donor org pre-anes, surgeon ver organ pre-anes, surgeon ver org pre-transplant
  131. OPERATING ROOM (131.7) -- person resp.
  132. HEALTH SUMMARY TYPE (142) -- owner
  133. HEALTH SUMMARY OBJECTS (142.5) -- creator
  135. HEALTH SUMMARY PARAMETERS (142.99) -- error message recipient
  136. SCD (SPINAL CORD) REGISTRY (154) -- last updated by, primary care provider, sci/scd coordinator
  137. FEE CH REPORT OF CONTACT (161.5) -- approving official
  138. FEE BASIS BATCH (161.7) -- clerk who opened, supervisor who certified, person who completed, status set to retransmit by
  139. FEE BASIS PHARMACY INVOICE (162.1) -- data entry clerk
  140. FEE NOTIFICATION/REQUEST (162.2) -- user entering notification, user entering legal determ., user entering medical determ., referring provider
  141. VA FORM 10-7078 (162.4) -- user who cancelled, user entering, referring provider
  142. FEE BASIS INVOICE (162.5) -- supervisor who voided
  143. FEE BASIS UNAUTHORIZED CLAIMS (162.7) -- claim submitted by, entered/last edited by
  144. FEE BASIS UNAUTHORIZED CLAIMS PENDING INFO (162.8) -- received by, requested by
  145. FEE BASIS FPPS AUDIT (163.7) -- user
  146. ONCOLOGY CONTACT (165) -- va provider #
  147. ONCOLOGY PRIMARY (165.5) -- qa reviewer, abstracted by, case last changed by, initiated by
  148. CRHD HANDOFF PARAMETERS (183) -- name
  149. RECORDS (190) -- user that charged record
  150. REQUESTED RECORDS (190.1) -- user requesting record, user responsible for status
  151. MISSING RECORDS (190.2) -- user, user who entered as found, approving supervisor
  152. RECORD MOVEMENT HISTORY (190.3) -- user that requested record, user that charged record, user respon for next movement
  153. PULL LIST (194.2) -- user entering request, user responsible for status
  154. BORROWERS/FILE AREAS (195.9) -- name
  155. NEW PERSON (200) -- delegate of, creator, usual cosigner, exclusionary checked by, immediate supervisor, surrogate
  156. NURS STAFF (210) -- employee name
  157. NURS AMIS 1106 MANHOURS (213.4) -- entered by
  158. NURS CLASSIFICATION (214.6) -- classifier
  159. NURS REVIEW CLASSIFICATION (214.7) -- reviewer
  160. NURQ QI SUMMARY (217) -- entered by
  161. DENTAL PROVIDER (220.5) -- name
  162. DENTAL TREATMENT (AMIS) (221) -- released by
  163. DENTAL FEE BASIS (AMIS) (222) -- released by
  164. DENTAL CLASS I-VI (AMIS) (223) -- released by
  165. DENTAL PERSONNEL (AMIS) (224) -- released by
  166. DENTAL NON CLINICAL TIME (226) -- released by
  167. DENTAL CANNED COMMENTS (227) -- provider
  168. ED LOG (230) -- closed by, restored by, md assigned, nurse assigned, resident assigned
  169. ED LOG HISTORY (230.1) -- entered by, closed by, restored by, md assigned, nurse assigned, resident assigned
  170. TRACKING STAFF (231.7) -- person
  171. CLINICAL EVENTS (234) -- user
  172. IVM BILLING TRANSMISSION (301.61) -- user adding entry, user updating entry
  173. IVM FINANCIAL QUERY LOG (301.62) -- transmitted by
  174. IVM ADDRESS CHANGE LOG (301.7) -- address change user, prior address change user
  175. AR DEBTOR (340) -- debtor
  176. AR EVENT (341) -- created by
  177. AR SITE PARAMETER (342) -- responsible for irs codesheets
  178. AR BATCH PAYMENT (344) -- opened by, processed by, last edited by
  179. AR DEPOSIT (344.1) -- opened by, *deposited by, confirmed by
  180. EDI THIRD PARTY EFT DETAIL (344.31) -- user who removed eft
  181. ELECTRONIC REMITTANCE ADVICE (344.4) -- removed by, era linked by, posted to suspense by
  182. RCDPE AUTO-PAY EXCLUSION (344.6) -- updated by
  183. RCDPE PARAMETER (344.61) -- user - medical override, user - pharmacy override
  184. RCDPE CARC-RARC AUTO DEC (344.62) -- updated by
  185. RCDPE PARAMETER AUDIT (344.7) -- changed by
  186. RCDPE SUSPENSE AUDIT (344.71) -- user
  187. RCDPE AUTO-POST AUDIT (344.72) -- user
  188. INTEGRATED BILLING ACTION (350) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  189. IB ARCHIVE/PURGE LOG (350.6) -- search initiator, archive initiator, purge initiator
  190. IB SITE PARAMETERS (350.9) -- billing supervisor name, *contact person, most popular last saved by
  191. MEANS TEST BILLING CLOCK (351) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  192. IB CONTINUOUS PATIENT (351.1) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  193. SPECIAL INPATIENT BILLING CASES (351.2) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  194. TRICARE PHARMACY TRANSACTIONS (351.5) -- reversed by
  195. IB DM WORKLOAD PARAMETERS (351.73) -- clerk name, user adding entry
  196. LTC COPAY CLOCK (351.81) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  197. CLAIMSMANAGER BILLS (351.9) -- sent by, entered by, last edited by, overridden by, assigned to, comment entered by
  198. BILLING EXEMPTIONS (354.1) -- user adding entry
  199. BILLING ALERTS (354.4) -- resolved by
  200. IB COPAY TRANSACTIONS (354.71) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  201. GROUP INSURANCE PLAN (355.3) -- entered by, verified by, last edited by
  202. PLAN COVERAGE LIMITATIONS (355.32) -- entered by, last edited by
  203. INSURANCE VERIFICATION PROCESSOR (355.33) -- entered by, processed by, verified by
  204. ANNUAL BENEFITS (355.4) -- entered by, verified by, last edit by
  205. INSURANCE CLAIMS YEAR TO DATE (355.5) -- entered by, verified by, edited by
  206. IB BILLING PRACTITIONER ID (355.9) -- practitioner
  207. CLAIMS TRACKING (356) -- entered by, last edited by, hospital reviews assigned to, ins. reviews assigned to, non billable coder, last reviewed by, billable coder
  208. HOSPITAL REVIEW (356.1) -- entered by, last edited by, completed by
  209. INSURANCE REVIEW (356.2) -- entered by, last edited by
  210. HCS REVIEW TRANSMISSION (356.22) -- marked 'in progress' by, requested by, manually removed by
  211. CLAIMS TRACKING ROI (356.25) -- user adding entry, user last updating
  212. CLAIMS TRACKING ROI CONSENT (356.26) -- entered by, last edited by
  213. INPATIENT PROVIDERS (356.94) -- provider
  214. SELECTION (357.3) -- icd changes made by
  215. ENCOUNTER FORM TRACKING (357.96) -- user inputting data
  216. AICS ERROR AND WARNING LOG (359.3) -- user, user correcting data
  217. EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS (361.1) -- manually entered by, last edited by
  218. IB MESSAGE SCREEN TEXT (361.3) -- added by, edited by
  219. EDI TRANSMISSION BATCH (364.1) -- first sent by, last sent by
  220. EDI MESSAGES (364.2) -- status changed by
  221. IB EDI TRANSMISSION RULE (364.4) -- rule added by, rule last edited by
  222. IIV AUTO MATCH (365.11) -- entered by, last edited by
  223. IB SSVI PIN/HL7 PIVOT (366) -- user
  224. HEALTH CARE CLAIM RFAI (277) (368) -- deleted by, review status by
  225. PFSS CHARGE CACHE (373) -- surgeon, attending surgeon, performed by, ordered by
  226. PFSS ACCOUNT (375) -- attending physician, consulting physician, admitting physician, other provider, surgeon
  227. HOME TELEHEALTH PATIENT (391.31) -- care coordinator
  228. ADT/HL7 PIVOT (391.71) -- user
  229. PATIENT DATA EXCEPTION (391.98) -- who completed
  230. BENEFICIARY TRAVEL CLAIM (392) -- who entered into file, authorizing person, pre-authorized by
  231. BENEFICIARY TRAVEL CERTIFICATION (392.2) -- edited by
  233. BENEFICIARY TRAVEL MANUAL DEDUCTIBLE WAIVER (392.7) -- granted/denied by, waiver entered by, waiver deleted by
  234. INCOMPLETE RECORDS (393) -- primary physician, attending physician, physician responsible, physician for deficiency, dictated by, transcribed by, signed by, reviewed by
  235. VAQ - RELEASE GROUP (394.82) -- added by
  236. VAQ - OUTGOING GROUP (394.83) -- created by
  237. VAQ - SEGMENT GROUP (394.84) -- created by
  238. VAQ - WORKLOAD (394.87) -- done by
  239. HINQ AUDIT (395.7) -- user name, user that processed alert
  240. FORM 7131 (396) -- 21 day cert released by
  241. CAPRI TEMPLATES (396.17) -- author, transcriber
  242. AMIE REPORT (396.2) -- 7132 printed by
  243. 2507 REQUEST (396.3) -- requester, released by, printed by, cancelled by, last person to add exam, remarks modified by
  244. 2507 EXAM (396.4) -- canceled by
  245. FORM 28-8861 (396.9) -- point of contact
  246. BILL/CLAIMS (399) -- entered/edited by, initial reviewer, mra requestor, authorizer, first printed by, last printed by, bill cancelled by, bill cloned by, removed from worklist by, primary hpid changes made by, secondary hpid changes made by, tertiary hpid changes made by
  247. SCHEDULING USER PREFERENCE (403.35) -- scheduling user
  248. RECALL REMINDERS (403.5) -- user who entered recall
  249. RECALL REMINDERS PROVIDERS (403.54) -- provider
  250. RECALL REMINDERS REMOVED (403.56) -- user who entered recall, delete clerk
  251. PATIENT TEAM ASSIGNMENT (404.42) -- user entering, last edited by
  252. PATIENT TEAM POSITION ASSIGNMENT (404.43) -- user entering, last edited by, extended by
  253. PCMM HL7 TRANSMISSION LOG (404.471) -- practitioner
  254. PCMM HL7 EVENT (404.48) -- user
  255. POSITION ASSIGNMENT HISTORY (404.52) -- practitioner, user entering
  256. PRECEPTOR ASSIGNMENT HISTORY (404.53) -- user entering
  257. TEAM AUTOLINK (404.56) -- autolink
  258. SCHEDULING REPORT QUERY TEMPLATE (404.95) -- creator
  259. PATIENT MOVEMENT (405) -- primary physician, attending physician, facility directory user, entered by, last edited by
  260. DISCRETIONARY WORKLOAD (408) -- duz
  261. INDIVIDUAL ANNUAL INCOME (408.21) -- entered by, last edited by
  262. ANNUAL MEANS TEST (408.31) -- completed by, category changed by, approved by
  263. MEANS TEST CHANGES (408.41) -- edited by
  264. SD WAIT LIST (409.3) -- originating user, provider, appt clerk, user entering no remove, dispositioned by, editing user
  265. SD WL CLINIC LOCATION (409.32) -- activation date entered by, inactivation date entered by
  266. SDWL TRANSFER REQUEST (409.35) -- requestor
  267. OUTPATIENT PROVIDER (409.44) -- provider
  268. SDSC SERVICE CONNECTED CHANGES (409.48) -- last edited by, primary provider
  269. APPOINTMENT STATUS UPDATE LOG (409.65) -- user
  270. OUTPATIENT ENCOUNTER (409.68) -- edited last by, created by
  271. TRANSMITTED OUTPATIENT ENCOUNTER (409.73) -- user causing event
  272. SDEC RESOURCE (409.831) -- resource, resource type, entered by user, inactivated by user, reactivated by user
  273. SDEC RESOURCE USER (409.833) -- username
  274. SDEC APPOINTMENT (409.84) -- data entry clerk, noshow by user, cancelled by user, provider
  275. SDEC APPT REQUEST (409.85) -- originating user, provider, appt clerk, dispositioned by
  276. ACRP REPORT TEMPLATE (409.91) -- created by, last edited by
  277. CONTROL POINT ACTIVITY (410) -- obligated by, accountable officer, requestor, approving official, gpf approving fiscal officer, originator of temp # req., log code sheets sent by, originator of request, cancelled by
  278. ADMIN. ACTIVITY SITE PARAMETER (411) -- application coordinator
  280. EQUIPMENT REQUEST (413) -- requestor, cmr responsible official, project manager, service contact, engineering contact
  281. TURN-IN REQUEST (413.1) -- requestor, cmr responsible official, warehouse official
  282. EQUIPMENT COMMITTEE (413.2) -- member name
  283. CONCURRING OFFICIALS (413.3) -- name
  284. DYNAMED IFCAP INTERFACE AUDIT (414.02) -- entered by, who deleted
  285. COST CENTER (420.1) -- deactivated by
  286. BUDGET OBJECT CODE (420.2) -- deactivated by
  287. PRCD SD STANDARD FOR COPYING (420.9999) -- status edit user
  288. FUND DISTRIBUTION (421) -- released by
  289. MULTIPLE DISTRIBUTION (421.1) -- entered by
  290. CALM/LOG TRANSMISSION RECORD (421.2) -- created by, release by, re-released by
  291. FISCAL LOCK (421.4) -- locked by
  292. INVOICE TRACKING (421.5) -- charged to current location by, certified for payment by, completed in accounting by, control point certified by
  293. CALM/LOG CODE SHEET (423) -- completed by, user logged in
  294. 1358 DAILY RECORD (424) -- user, last edited by
  295. 1358 AUTHORIZATION DETAIL (424.1) -- user, last edited by
  296. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (430) -- status updated by, returned by, amended by, refunded by, approved by (fiscal), approved by (billing), processed by (service), approving official (service), dmc debt valid edited by
  297. AR TRANSACTION (433) -- processed by
  298. VENDOR (440) -- created by, inactivated by
  299. VENDOR EDIT (440.3) -- created by, inactivated by
  300. PURCHASE CARD INFORMATION (440.5) -- card holder, approving official, alternate approving official
  301. PURCHASE CARD ORDER RECONCILE (440.6) -- card holder, approving official, reconcile user
  302. ITEM MASTER (441) -- created by, inactivated by
  303. PROCUREMENT & ACCOUNTING TRANSACTIONS (442) -- pa/ppm/authorized buyer, agent assigned p.o., purchase card user, approve reconciliation user, purchase card holder, log code sheets sent by, isms code sheets sent by
  304. ELEC RECEIVING REPORT BATCH (442.9) -- placed on list by
  305. REQUEST WORKSHEET (443) -- accountable officer, purchasing agent
  306. AMENDMENTS (443.6) -- pa/ppm/authorized buyer, agent assigned p.o., purchase card user, approve reconciliation user, purchase card holder
  307. EDI SENDER (443.75) -- sender
  308. EDI ERROR CODES (443.76) -- person entering code
  309. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (444) -- contracting officer, point of contact, request's last editor, evaluator of quotes
  310. RFQ EDITING PREFERENCE (444.4) -- user
  311. GENERIC INVENTORY (445) -- converted by, quantity replacement requestor
  312. INVENTORY TRANSACTION (445.2) -- posted by, adjustment approved by
  313. INTERNAL DISTRIBUTION ORDER/ADJ. (445.3) -- entered by
  314. CASE CARTS (445.7) -- user creating case cart, user last edit
  315. INSTRUMENT KITS (445.8) -- user creating instrument kit, user last edit
  317. BARCODE PROGRAM (446.4) -- created by
  318. INVENTORY LOCK MANAGEMENT (447) -- user
  319. PAID EMPLOYEE (450) -- new person, labor dist code changed by
  320. PRSE STUDENT EDUCATION TRACKING (452) -- student name
  322. TIME & ATTENDANCE RECORDS (458) -- transmitting clerk
  323. LEAVE REQUESTS (458.1) -- entered by, supervisor
  324. OT/CT REQUESTS (458.2) -- entry person, supervisor, approver
  325. ENVIRONMENTAL DIFF. REQUESTS (458.3) -- entered by, supervisor
  326. PRIOR PP EXCEPTIONS (458.5) -- clearing clerk
  327. OVERTIME WARNINGS (458.6) -- last updated by
  328. PT PHYSICIAN MEMORANDUM (458.7) -- entered by, reconciled by, terminated by
  329. PATIENT FUNDS (470) -- provider auth restrict, record locked by
  330. PATIENT FUNDS MASTER TRANSACTION (470.1) -- patient funds clerk
  331. CMOP TRANSMISSION (550.2) -- sender
  332. MH INSTRUMENT (601) -- exempt by
  333. MH BATTERY USERS (601.781) -- user
  334. MH ADMINISTRATIONS (601.84) -- ordered by, administered by
  335. MH CR SCRATCH (601.94) -- user
  336. ADDICTION SEVERITY INDEX (604) -- interviewer, record initialized by (trans), e signature interviewer, e signature transcriber, person allowed to edit
  337. SECLUSION/RESTRAINT (615.2) -- name of nurse present, initial transcriber, ordered by, release ordered by, personnel effecting release, release transcriber, reviewed by, review transcriber
  338. MENTAL HEALTH TEAM (618.2) -- physician, psychologist, social worker, primary nurse, vocational specialist, therapist 1, therapist 2, team leader
  339. MENTAL HEALTH INPT (618.4) -- staff, physician, resident
  340. DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS - MENTAL HEALTH (627.8) -- diagnosis by, transcriber
  341. HBHC PATIENT (631) -- form 3 transmit flag edit duz, form 5 transmit flag edit duz
  342. HBHC PROVIDER (631.4) -- provider name
  343. HBHC VISIT (632) -- form 4 transmit flag edit duz
  344. HBHC MEDICAL FOSTER HOME (633.2) -- form 7 transmit flag edit duz
  345. SOCIAL WORK CASE (650) -- social worker
  346. RCH (652) -- case worker
  347. SWS ASSESSMENT DATA BASE (655.2) -- primary social worker, supervisor, surrogate
  348. RECORD OF PROS APPLIANCE/REPAIR (660) -- suspense requestor, initiator, user who edit, latest ordering provider
  349. PROS STOCK ITEM RECORD (661.2) -- user
  350. PROSTHETIC STOCK LOCATION (661.5) -- user
  352. PROSTHETICS 1358 (664) -- cancelled by, closed by, last ifcap amend by, initiator, lab technician
  353. PROSTHETIC 2529-3 (664.1) -- cancelled by, returned by, physician, requesting official, approving official, technician, inspecting official, completed by, assigned by
  354. PROSTHETIC WORK ORDER (664.2) -- completed by, checked by
  355. PROSTHETICS PATIENT (665) -- home oxygen inactivated by
  356. PROSTHETIC HOME/LIAISON VISITS (665.1) -- visitor
  357. PROS LETTER TRANSACTION FILE (665.4) -- employee
  358. V.O.R. TRANSACTION (667.3) -- user
  359. PROSTHETIC SUSPENSE (668) -- completed by, suspended by, requestor, initial action by, cancelled by, forwarded by
  360. TITLE AUTHORITY (680.5) -- editor
  361. LBRY DISPOSITION (681) -- author
  362. LBRY ISSUE (682) -- journal date author
  363. LIBRARY TRANSACTIONS (682.1) -- user
  364. ECHO (691) -- cardiology attending, cardiology fellow, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  365. CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION (691.1) -- cardiology fellow, cardiology staff, cardiology fellow-2nd, cardiology staff-2nd, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  366. ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (EKG) (691.5) -- interpreted by, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  367. HOLTER (691.6) -- requested by, approved by, hook-up by, scanned by, reviewed by, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  368. EXERCISE TOLERANCE TEST (691.7) -- ekg technician, attn phys, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  369. ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY (EP) (691.8) -- cardiology staff, cardiology fellow, cardiology staff-2nd, cardiology fellow-2nd, cardiology staff, cardiology fellow, primary provider, entering duz, verfifying duz, deleter duz
  370. ATRIAL STUDY (691.9) -- cardiology staff, primary provider
  371. VENTRICULAR STUDY (692) -- cardiology staff, primary provider
  372. HEMATOLOGY (694) -- performed by, approved by, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  373. PROCEDURE TERM (694.8) -- entering user
  374. GENERATOR IMPLANT (698) -- attending physician, fellow-1st, fellow-2nd, primary provider
  375. V LEAD IMPLANT (698.1) -- attending physician, fellow-1st, fellow-2nd, primary provider
  376. A LEAD IMPLANT (698.2) -- attending physician, fellow-1st, fellow-2nd, primary provider
  377. PACEMAKER SURVEILLANCE (698.3) -- caller, attending physician, fellow, primary provider
  378. ENDOSCOPY/CONSULT (699) -- endoscopist, fellow, second fellow, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  379. GENERALIZED PROCEDURE/CONSULT (699.5) -- provider/physician, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  380. PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTS (700) -- referring physician, reviewed by, technician, primary provider, entering duz, verifying duz, deleter duz
  381. RHEUMATOLOGY (701) -- observer, primary provider
  382. CP TRANSACTION (702) -- created by
  383. CP CONVERSION (703.9) -- administrative closure user
  384. CP_CONSOLE_ACL (704.001) -- user_id
  385. OBS_FLOWSHEET_SUPP_PAGE (704.1122) -- activated_by_id, deactivated_by_id
  386. OBS_ALARM (704.115) -- activated_by_id, deactivated_by_id
  387. OBS_SET (704.116) -- entered_by_id
  388. OBS (704.117) -- observed_by_id, entered_by_id
  389. OBS_AUDIT (704.119) -- audit_author
  390. CP_KARDEX_EVENTS (704.1211) -- completed_by_id
  391. CP_KARDEX_AUDIT (704.1212) -- audit_by_id
  392. HEMODIALYSIS STUDY (704.202) -- user
  393. HEMODIALYSIS SETTINGS (704.209) -- owner, user
  394. 1010EZ HOLDING (712) -- entered by, verified by, reviewed by, printed by, filed by, updated by, closed by
  395. EAS MT PARAMETERS (713) -- last interactive user
  396. EAS MT PATIENT STATUS (713.1) -- who entered prohibit flag
  397. EAS MT LETTER STATUS (713.2) -- who entered returned mt
  398. EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT (721) -- *provider, entered/edited by, *provider #2, *provider #3
  399. DSS EXTRACT LOG (727) -- user
  400. NURSING EXTRACT (727.805) -- classifier
  401. QA OCCURRENCE SCREEN (741) -- attending physician, resident/provider
  402. *QA OCCURRENCE CLINICAL REVIEWER (741.3) -- *name
  403. QA INCIDENT REPORT (742.4) -- person reporting the incident
  404. CONSUMER CONTACT (745.1) -- information taken by, entered by
  405. SURVEY (748) -- developer
  406. HL7 MONITOR MASTER JOB (776.2) -- queue person
  407. HL7 MONITOR EVENT (776.4) -- reviewer
  408. HL7 MONITOR EVENTS PROFILE (776.5) -- user
  409. HLO ERROR SCREENS (779.11) -- creator
  410. EEO COMPLAINTS (785) -- counselor's name
  411. EEO INFORMAL COMPLAINTS (785.5) -- counselor's name
  412. EEO SERVER PARAMETERS (789.5) -- eeo officer
  413. WV CASE MANAGER (790.01) -- case manager
  414. WV LAB TESTS (790.08) -- provider, entering user
  415. WV PROCEDURE (790.1) -- provider, entering user
  416. WV AGE RANGE DEFAULT (790.72) -- user
  417. ROR REGISTRY RECORD (798) -- confirmed by, deleted by
  418. ROR LOG (798.7) -- user
  419. ROR TASK (798.8) -- user
  420. ROR HIV RECORD (799.4) -- cdc form completed by
  423. REMINDER RESOLUTION STATUS (801.9) -- creator
  424. REMINDER REPORT TEMPLATE (810.1) -- owner
  425. REMINDER EXTRACT SUMMARY (810.3) -- extract owner
  426. REMINDER PATIENT LIST (810.5) -- creator
  427. PCE CUSTOMIZE REPORT (812) -- user name
  428. OCX MDD VALUES (863.5) -- created by
  429. ESP OFFENSE REPORT (912) -- investigating officer, user, deleting user, reopened user
  430. ESP POLICE TRAINING (912.5) -- attendee
  431. ESP WANTS & WARRANTS (913) -- reporting officer, reviewed by
  432. ESP VIOLATIONS (914) -- issuing officer
  433. MPIF CMOR REQUEST (984.9) -- requested by, reviewed by
  434. WII ADMISSIONS DISCHARGES (987.5) -- status changed by
  435. CIRN SITE PARAMETER (991.8) -- admin point of contact, irm point of contact, hl7 point of contact, alt admin point of contact, alt irm point of contact, alt hl7 point of contact, rel init user, mar init user, elig init user, pseudo init user
  436. NUPA SAVED NOTES (1927.09) -- name
  437. NUPA CARE PLANS (1927.4) -- entered by
  438. NUPA CARE PLAN TEXT CHANGE LOG (1927.5) -- user
  439. NUPA DISCHARGE PLANNING GOAL COMMENTS (1927.6) -- user entering
  440. IMAGE (2005) -- image save by, deleted by
  441. IMAGE AUDIT (2005.1) -- image save by, deleted by
  442. MAG PATH CASELIST (2005.42) -- first lock user, second lock user
  443. IMAGE INSTANCE FILE (2005.65) -- deletion by
  444. IMAGE LIST FILTERS (2005.87) -- captured by, user, created by
  445. IMAGE BACKGROUND QUEUE (2006.03) -- user
  446. IMAGING SITE PARAMETERS (2006.1) -- rad technologist
  447. IMAGING USER PREFERENCE (2006.18) -- user
  448. DICOM GATEWAY PARAMETER (2006.563) -- importer order provider, import rad tech
  449. TELEREADER READER (2006.5843) -- reader
  450. TELEREADER READ/UNREAD LIST (2006.5849) -- reader duz at acquisition site
  451. MAGJ USER DATA (2006.68) -- user
  452. IMAGING WINDOWS WORKSTATIONS (2006.81) -- last user
  453. IMAGING WINDOWS SESSIONS (2006.82) -- user
  454. MAG WORK ITEM (2006.941) -- creating user, last updating user
  455. MAGV IMPORT STUDY LOG (2006.9421) -- import user
  456. MAGV IMPORT MEDIA LOG (2006.9422) -- media importer
  457. IMAGE ACCESS LOG (2006.95) -- user
  458. MULTI IMAGE PRINT (2006.961) -- user
  459. VIST ROSTER (2040) -- vist coordinator
  460. GENERIC CODE SHEET (2100) -- prepared by, created by
  461. GENERIC CODE SHEET TRANSMISSION RECORD (2101.3) -- created by, release by
  462. GENERIC CODE SHEET LOCK (2101.6) -- locked by
  463. ASISTS ACCIDENT REPORTING (2260) -- supervisor, safety officer name, supervisor, secondary supervisor, person entering stub record, transmit to wcmis, name of safety officer, employee health name, name of employee, name of supervisor, name of employee, name of supervisor, emp name of dual benefit, wc name for dual benefit
  464. ASISTS UNION INFORMATION (2263.7) -- union representative
  465. ASISTS COMPENSATION CLAIM (CA7) (2264) -- person that created ca7, emp name for ca7, wc name for ca7
  467. VBECS WORKLOAD CAPTURE (6002.01) -- user id
  468. VBECS DSS EXTRACT (6002.03) -- ordering provider
  469. EQUIPMENT INV. (6914) -- entered by, non-space file person, remain capitalized set by
  470. CMR (6914.1) -- responsible official, alternate responsible official
  471. FA DOCUMENT LOG (6915.2) -- sender, a.v. created by
  472. FB DOCUMENT LOG (6915.3) -- sender, a.v. created by
  473. FC DOCUMENT LOG (6915.4) -- sender, a.v. created by
  474. FD DOCUMENT LOG (6915.5) -- sender, a.v. created by
  475. FR DOCUMENT LOG (6915.6) -- sender, a.v. created by
  476. IT ASSIGNMENT (6916.3) -- owner, assigned by, certified by, ended by
  477. CATEGORY STOCK NUMBER (6917) -- activated by, deactivated by, edited by
  478. WORK ORDER # (6920) -- entered by
  479. CONSTRUCTION PROJECT (6925) -- chief engineer name, vamc director/designee name, transmitter 5yr plan, transmitter proj application
  480. NOIS CALL (7100) -- primary site contact, entry person, last edited by
  481. NOIS NOTIFICATION (7100.2) -- user
  482. NOIS ALERT (7100.3) -- user (sender)
  483. NOIS STATUS HISTORY (7100.5) -- user
  484. NOIS CALL USER (7100.6) -- user
  485. NOIS WEB (7100.7) -- entered by, last edited by
  486. NOIS MRE (7101.1) -- user
  487. NOIS MRA (7101.2) -- user
  488. NOIS MRU (7101.3) -- user
  489. NOIS RESPONSE (7101.4) -- owner
  490. NOIS WORKLOAD (7103.5) -- user
  491. NOIS STU ALERT (7104.3) -- user
  492. NOIS LOCATION (7105.1) -- contact person
  493. NOIS USER DEFAULTS (7105.2) -- name
  494. NOIS LIST DEFINITION (7107.1) -- owner
  495. NOIS FORMAT (7107.6) -- owner
  496. TIU DOCUMENT (8925) -- author/dictator, expected signer, expected cosigner, attending physician, entered by, verified by, signed by, cosigned by, marked signed on chart by, marked cosigned on chart by, amended by, deleted by
  497. TIU DOCUMENT DEFINITION (8925.1) -- personal owner, map attempted by
  498. TIU UPLOAD BUFFER (8925.2) -- user
  499. TIU UPLOAD LOG (8925.4) -- user
  500. TIU AUDIT TRAIL (8925.5) -- edited by, reassigned by, deleted by, person
  501. TIU MULTIPLE SIGNATURE (8925.7) -- expected signer, actual cosigner
  502. TIU PERSONAL DOCUMENT TYPE LIST (8925.98) -- person
  503. TIU PERSONAL PREFERENCES (8926) -- user name, default cosigner
  504. TIU TEMPLATE (8927) -- personal owner
  505. USR CLASS MEMBERSHIP (8930.3) -- member
  506. CP CODE EVALUATOR (8972.1) -- entered by, last edited by
  507. CP TIMING (8973.2) -- new person
  508. KERMIT HOLDING (8980) -- creator
  509. PKI Digital Signatures (8980.2) -- user
  510. KERNEL SYSTEM PARAMETERS (8989.3) -- facility iso, facility cio
  511. PARAMETERS (8989.5) -- entity
  512. XUEPCS DATA (8991.6) -- name, edited by
  513. XUEPCS PSDRPH AUDIT (8991.7) -- name, edited by
  514. ALERT (8992) -- recipient, surrogate for alerts
  515. ALERT TRACKING (8992.1) -- generated by
  516. CPRS MONITOR DATA (177100.13) -- user
  517. VOLUNTARY TIME CARD (503335) -- transmitted by, retransmitted by
  518. OCCASIONAL VOLUNTEER TIME SHEET (503336) -- transmitted by, retransmitted by
  519. DONATIONS (503340) -- entered by, last edited by
  520. A&SP STAFF (509850.3) -- staff member
  521. AUDIOMETRIC EXAM DATA (509850.9) -- examining audiologist, retransmission user
  522. STATION ORDER (791810) -- entering user, ordered/requested by, approved by, eligibility entered by, pe entered by, released by
  523. TRANSMISSION BATCH (791812) -- closed by
  524. REMOTE ORDER/ENTRY PARAMETER (791813) -- last user to run purge
  525. ROES ELIGIBILITY CONFIRMATION (791814) -- entering user (asps), user (psas)
  526. HMP ROSTER (800001.2) -- owner
  527. VISIT (9000010) -- created by user
  528. V PROVIDER (9000010.06) -- provider
  529. V POV (9000010.07) -- ordering provider, encounter provider
  530. V IMMUNIZATION (9000010.11) -- ordering provider, encounter provider, immunization documenter, user last update, entered by, last modified by, reader
  531. V SKIN TEST (9000010.12) -- reader, ordering provider, encounter provider
  532. V EXAM (9000010.13) -- ordering provider, encounter provider
  533. V TREATMENT (9000010.15) -- ordering provider, encounter provider
  534. V PATIENT ED (9000010.16) -- ordering provider, encounter provider
  535. V CPT (9000010.18) -- ordering provider, encounter provider
  536. V HEALTH FACTORS (9000010.23) -- ordering provider, encounter provider
  537. V IMM CONTRA/REFUSAL EVENTS (9000010.707) -- encounter provider
  538. PROBLEM (9000011) -- entered by, recording provider, responsible provider
  539. V IMMUNIZATION DELETED (9000080.11) -- ordering provider, encounter provider, immunization documenter, user last update, entered by, last modified by, reader, deleted by
  540. BPS CLAIMS (9002313.02) -- closed by, reopened by
  541. BPS PHARMACIES (9002313.56) -- va contact, va alternate contact, va lead pharmacist
  542. BPS LOG OF TRANSACTIONS (9002313.57) -- user, non-billable closed by, non-billable re-opened by
  543. BPS TRANSACTION (9002313.59) -- user, non-billable closed by, non-billable re-opened by
  544. BPS REQUESTS (9002313.77) -- user who made the request, user who activated request, user who updated the request
  545. BPS INSURER DATA (9002313.78) -- user
  546. BPS SETUP (9002313.99) -- certifier, site contact, alternate site contact
  547. APSP INTERVENTION (9009032.4) -- provider, pharmacist, provider contacted