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.01study instance uid(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the Study Record ID - Primary Identifier. DICOM Tag: Study Instance UID (0020,000D).
.02accession number0;4FREE TEXTDThis is the accession number related to the study.
1original study instance uid0;2FREE TEXTGThis is the old study record ID. DICOM Tag: (0020,000D).
2study id0;3FREE TEXTThis is the short case number Study ID given by the ordering application. DICOM Tag: Study ID (0020,0010).
3modalities in study1;1FREE TEXTThis is the list of modalities within a Study separated by "\". e.g. CR\RF = Computed Radiography and Radio Fluoroscopy. DICOM Tag: Modalities in Study (0008,0061).
4study date/time2;1DATE-TIMEEThis is the date/time when a study acquisition was started by a modality device. DICOM Tag: Study Date-Time (0008,0020) + (0008,0030).
5last update date/time(+)2;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time of the last record update.
6origin index(+)3;2SET OF CODESV:VA
This field indicates where the image originated from.
7number of series4;1NUMERICThis is the number of Series attached to the Study. DICOM Tag: Number of Study related Series (0020,1206).
11procedure reference6;1POINTER2005.61CThis field points to the parent node in the Procedure Reference file. Parent IEN is used on all levels of the hierarchy (Patient/Procedure/Study/Series/SOP Instance) to indicate the immediate higher level in the hierarchy.
12artifact on file6;2SET OF CODES0:NOT ON FILE
This field is a flag that records whether an artifact is on file or not. Artifact On File (AOF) means that at least one Object is already stored on disk. An Object can be an image, an abstract or a text file.
13patient reference6;3POINTER2005.6LThis is the patient associated with the study.
14description3;1FREE TEXTThis field contains the description of the study. DICOM Tag: Study Description (0008,1030).
15reason for study3;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the reason for the requested study. DICOM Tag: Reason for the Requested Procedure (0040,1002).
16acquisition status5;1SET OF CODESA:ACQUIRING
This field denotes the event of study acquisition completion. Acquiring means Still in the Process of active acquiring. Complete means complete acquisition of a complete study.
This field indicates whether the study is ACCESSIBLE or INACCESSIBLE. ACCESSIBLE means that the study can be retrieved by Imaging database methods. INACCESSIBLE means that the study will not be retrieved by Imaging database methods.
19last access date/time2;3DATE-TIMEThis field indicates when a Study was last accessed.
20number of sop instances4;2NUMERICThis field indicates the number of associated SOP Instances. DICOM Tag: Number of Study related Instances (0020,1208).
21priority6;4SET OF CODESS:STAT
This field denotes the requested procedure priority. STAT means Life Threatening condition; Do immediately even if one has to drop others with High Priority. DICOM Tag: Requested Procedure Priority (0040,1003).

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