+---------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Property of the US Government. | | No permission to copy or redistribute this software is given. | | Use of unreleased versions of this software requires the user | | to execute a written test agreement with the VistA Imaging | | Development Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, | | telephone (301) 734-0100. | | | | The Food and Drug Administration classifies this software as | | a medical device. As such, it may not be changed in any way. | | Modifications to this software may result in an adulterated | | medical device under 21CFR820, the use of which is considered | | to be a violation of US Federal Statutes. | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ This file is populated with post processing actions for each image type. The file has a multiple 'TYPE' field that points to the file IMAGE INDEX FOR TYPES which allows the possibility of multiplempost processing for each entry in this file. When an Image is successfully captured an evaluation is done on the image's TYPE property. If the TYPE matches an entry's TYPE field value in this file and the entry is ACTIVE, then execution is passed to the routine identified in the fields: TAG and ROUTINE.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter the name of the image action to take place.
The processing of actions can be turned off/on.
2tag(+)0;3FREE TEXTThe tag of the routine that will be called to process the action.
3routine0;4FREE TEXTThe routine that will be called to process the action.
4desc1;1FREE TEXTA Description of the Action.
5type2;0MULTIPLE2005.865Certain Types of images can have actions performed when an entry is made in the IMAGE File. An example is Copying Means Tests Documents to H.E.C.
6export location0;5POINTER2005.2This is the export location to which an image may be exported.

Not Referenced