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.01image0;1POINTER2005The value of this field is a pointer that identifies one of the images that is to be transmitted to another storage provider. The value of this field is a pointer to the Image File (2005, stored in ^MAG(2005,...).
2status0;2SET OF CODESWAITING:Waiting to be transmitted
XMIT:Transmission in progress
FAIL:Transmission failed
SUCCESS:Transmission successfully completed
The value of this field is a code that indicates the current status of the entry in this table. Possible values are "waiting to be transmitted", "transmission in progress" and "successful transmission" or "failed transmission". A cross-reference on this field is used to prevent issuing the same file to multiple transmission processes.
3timestamp0;3FREE TEXTThe value of this field is a string ($Horolog format) that indicates the date and time that the current status was established. This value is used when checking on files that are in a status of "transmission in progress". When a file is too long in this status, the current entry will be moved back to a status of "waiting for transmission". See the RPC named "MAG DICOM GET NEXT QUEUE ENTRY" for the actual time-lag that decides on a change-back of the status.

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