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.01parent0;1POINTER2005The value of this field is a pointer to the Image File (# 2005). While balancing the load over multiple destinations, all images for a given study should be sent to the same destination. When the first image of a study is being routed, the balancer creates a new record in this multiple to indicate where all other images for the study to which that image belongs. The value of this pointer identifies either the "parent" of a group of images, or a single image, if that image is a "group of 1".
1route date(+)0;2DATE-TIMEThe value of this field is a string that represents a date (no time part included). This date identifies the date on which an image file is being routed to a remote destination. The load-balancer uses this date to balance the load (per day) over the various possible destinations.
2destination(+)0;3NUMERICThe value of this field is a pointer to a destination. This value is not a pointer in the "normal" sense that FileMan uses: it is the value of D2 in the reference ^MAGDICOM(2006.59,D0,"ACTION",D1,1,D2,0) This pointer identifies the data record that contains the identification of the destination (which is a variable pointer to either a Network Location (file # 2005.2) or a DICOM Application (file # 2006.585) to which all images of the current study are being transmitted.

Error: Invalid Global File Type: 2006.59061