+---------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Property of the US Government. | | No permission to copy or redistribute this software is given. | | Use of unreleased versions of this software requires the user | | to execute a written test agreement with the VistA Imaging | | Development Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, | | telephone (301) 734-0100. | | | | The Food and Drug Administration classifies this software as | | a medical device. As such, it may not be changed in any way. | | Modifications to this software may result in an adulterated | | medical device under 21CFR820, the use of which is considered | | to be a violation of US Federal Statutes. | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ This file contains various site-specific parameters that control the behavior of VistaRad.
.01vistarad site name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBField contains the name of the site.
.05enable status update?0;4BOOLEAN1:YES
Answering this question "YES" will enable VistaRad to update the Radiology Package Interpreting Radiologist fields (#12 & #15), and the Exam Status field (#3). Otherwise, use of VistaRad provides read-only access to VISTA data.
1recent exams days limit0;2NUMERICThe RECENT Exams list shows all exams having a Status of Interpreted or Transcribed. The list can be further restricted to show only exams up to 'N' days old--use this field to define a value for 'N'. Note that for most sites, Exams are likely to be marked Complete within 3 to 4 working days of being Interpreted, at which point they no longer show up on the RECENT Exams list. If NOT defined, the system defaults to a value of 6.
2unread exams days limit0;3NUMERICThe UNREAD Exams list shows all exams having a Status of EXAMINED. The list can be further restricted to show only exams up to 'N' days old--use this field to define a value for 'N'. If NOT defined, the system defaults to a value of 30.
3prefetch active?0;5BOOLEAN1:YES
Exam images that have been archived, e.g. to jukebox storage, may be retrieved to magnetic disk at the time a new exam is registered for a patient. Enabling this allows immediate retrieval of the patient's prior exams when the radiologist is ready to read the new exam.
5list only exams having images?0;7BOOLEAN0:NO
Some sites may have a mix of exams that do, and do not, have images stored digitally. In this case, the UNREAD, ACTIVE and PENDING exams lists may be optionally configured to either list only the exams that have images available for display on the VistaRad workstation, or to list all exams, including those that do not have images available for display. NOTE that the Patient Exams List always lists ALL exams, regardless of whether images exist or not.
6background compile exam lists?0;8BOOLEAN1:YES
The process of compiling UNREAD & RECENT exam lists from the radiology database may be relatively lengthy. To enable these lists to reach the radiology workstation rapidly, they can be compiled periodically in the background on the Vista system. Enabling this option generally should provide for very fast retrieval of the exam lists. Note, however, that on the UNREAD Exams list the most recently completed ("EXAMINED") exams may not appear on the list, up to a time limit defined below; however, exams that are "INTERPRETED" will be dropped from the UNREAD list, even in between compiles. UNREAD compiles are automatically started by requesting an UNREAD Exams list at the workstation. The background program is initiated via an internal TaskMan call, but it will run continuously in the background after being initiated. The RECENT compile is initiated using the TaskMan Scheduled Options capability. The Option to schedule is MAGJ SCHED RECENT LIST COMPILE; it is recommended that this process be scheduled to run every 30 to 90 minutes.
7unread bkgnd compile interval0;9NUMERICIf compiling exams lists in the background, this field is used to define the number of minutes to wait in between each successive compile of the UNREAD Exams List. If not specified, the default value used will be 6 minutes. For sites that tend to have more than 100 Unread exams on average, it is recommended to use a value of 3 or 4 minutes; less than 100, use 2 or 3 minutes.
7.2recent bkgnd compile interval0;13NUMERICThe Recent List Background Compile is managed by Taskman, where a Scheduled Option should be defined for periodically compiling this list (recommended to compile every two to three hours). Use this field to let VistARad know what you have defined in TaskMan as the interval between compiles. This value is used to provide a warning message to the VistaRad user should it appear that the Background Compile has not run for more than this expected interval of time. Obviously, this field only is useful if BACKGROUND COMPILE EXAM LISTS has been Enabled.
8remote list only remote cache?0;10BOOLEAN1:YES
This question only applies to sites that use the Imaging Routing Gateway to route images to a remote facility for reading. At the remote reading workstation, the Unread & Recent Exams lists may display either all exams, or only the subset of the exams that have been routed to the remote site. Enter YES to display only the routed exams.
9site sends to remote cache0;11BOOLEAN1:YES
This question only applies to sites that use the Imaging Routing Gateway to route images to a remote facility for reading. Answering this question YES turns on extra processing that is needed to manage the remote exams properly in VistARad.
12requisition for rad staff only0;16BOOLEAN1:Y
Setting this value to YES will prevent non-radiology personnel from viewing the Radiology Requisition from Vistarad. Some sites have data that appears on the requisition which is strictly for internal radiology staff use. This prompt provides a way to restrict access to that report.
13ena dict pref-yes all locked0;17BOOLEAN1:YES
This setting affects some behavior of VistARad's dictation system interface. When a locked exam is opened, the accession number is sent across the interface via the Dictation dialog. Normally, whenever more than one locked exam is opened, the dialog displays an entry for each of the exams, and defaults YES (i.e. send the accession number across) for only one of the exams; the user may manually change the selection for any or all of the exams to YES if desired. A user preference exists to allow the user to specify that ALL locked exams in this dialog be defaulted to YES. This preference is only enabled if a site-level policy is implemented to allow the use of this preference. Answering YES to the setting ENA DICT PREF-YES ALL LOCKED implements this site-level policy. Each user then may choose to enable the preference--the system's default behavior is to disable this preference.
20unread list priority seq1;E1,245FREE TEXTThe Unread lists show a column, PRIORITY, that is typically used as a sort item for the list. Four values are possible (from the Radiology Exam order, file 75.1). This field allows the site to define the preferred sort ordering for these 4 values. The default order is: Stat, Urgent, Pre-op, Routine To achieve this ordering, the value for this field would be specified: S,U,P,R Any sequence of these 4 letters may be defined, and then will be used by the list program.

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