+---------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Property of the US Government. | | No permission to copy or redistribute this software is given. | | Use of unreleased versions of this software requires the user | | to execute a written test agreement with the VistA Imaging | | Development Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, | | telephone (301) 734-0100. | | | | The Food and Drug Administration classifies this software as | | a medical device. As such, it may not be changed in any way. | | Modifications to this software may result in an adulterated | | medical device under 21CFR820, the use of which is considered | | to be a violation of US Federal Statutes. | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ This file acts as the entry point into storage. It holds information about a particular type of artifact (i.e. medical image in DICOM format), and maps this type of document to its intrinsic retention policy. It also stores the file extension to be used for files of the given type. Artifact descriptor records will be inserted during patch installation time, and are not available for creation or deletion by users. In the first release, we plan to make them not modifiable as well. In future releases, we will probably add the ability to change the intrinsic retention policy for the given artifact descriptor.
.01retention policy(+)0;1POINTER2006.914BThis is Artifact Retention Policy.
2artifact type(+)0;2FREE TEXTThe category that the artifact belongs to.
3artifact format(+)0;3FREE TEXTThis field, in combination with ArtifactType define an artifact descriptor, and are used for looking up appropriate file extension, retention policy, etc.
4file extension(+)0;4FREE TEXTThe file extension to use for filesystem-based storage providers when storing an artifact.
This field indicates whether the Artifact Descriptor is active or not: "0" means inactive, "1" means active.

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  1. ARTIFACT (2006.916) -- artifact descriptor