The Nursing Staff file contains information on nursing employees. Data includes staff demographics, title/position(s) held, FTEE, assignment locations, primary tour of duty, nursing grade/step code, salary, license information, emergency contact, dates employed, promotion date, Nursing Professional Standards Board/proficiency due dates, professional education, highest nursing and/or academic degree, faculty appointments, certification information, military experience, MI review group information, and medical center privileges.
.01employee name(+)0;1POINTER200BPointer to NEW PERSON FILE (#200).
1social security numberCOMPUTEDExtended pointer to NEW PERSON FILE (field 9 of FILE #200). Employee's SSN.
2primary service positionCOMPUTEDThis field indicates the employee's primary SERVICE POSITION.
3location primary product lineCOMPUTEDThis field indicates the service/program/product line associated with the employee's primary assignment.
3.1svc pos primary product lineCOMPUTEDThis field indicates the service/program/product line associated with the employee's primary service position.
4primary facilityCOMPUTEDThis field indicates the Institution/Division associated with the employee's primary assignment.
5total assignment fteeCOMPUTEDThis is the employee's actual FTEE.
5.5status(+)0;2SET OF CODESA:ACTIVE
ACIndicates if the individual is currently employed in Nursing Service. IDENTIFIER
6locationCOMPUTEDEmployee's Primary Assignment Location.
6.3assign tour of dutyCOMPUTEDEmployee's primary assignment location.
6.5grade/step code(+)7;1POINTER211.1DIndicates employee's service category, grade, and step level. Pointer to NURS PAY SCALE FILE (#211.1).
6.7uniform allowance13;3BOOLEANY:YES
Indicates whether or not an employee is receiving a uniform allowance.
7date of birthCOMPUTEDExtended pointer to NEW PERSON FILE (field 5 of File #200).
7.5ageCOMPUTEDComputed age of employee.
8sexCOMPUTEDExtended pointer to NEW PERSON FILE (field 4 of FILE #200).
9home addressCOMPUTEDStreet number and street name of current residence.
11home cityCOMPUTEDCity where employee is currently residing.
12home stateCOMPUTEDPointer to the STATE FILE (#5).
12.1home zip codeCOMPUTEDZip code for employee's home address.
13.3mailing address15;1FREE TEXTStreet number and street name of current mailing address.
13.35mailing address 215;2FREE TEXTThis is the second line of the mailing address of the new person.
13.4mailing address 315;3FREE TEXTThis is the third line of the mailing address of the new person.
13.5mailing city15;4FREE TEXTCity of mailing address.
13.7mailing state15;5POINTER5Pointer to STATE FILE (#5).
13.9mailing zip code15;6FREE TEXTZip code of mailing address.
14telephone number2;0MULTIPLE210.01Current telephone number of employee.
15name of emergency contact3;0MULTIPLE210.02Indicates name of individual to contact if employee is involved in an accident. Demographic information on the 'Emergency Contact' is also documented.
16state issuing license4;0MULTIPLE210.03Documents licensure information for RNs, LPNs, and LVNs.
16.5veteran preference0;8SET OF CODES0:NO SERVICE
2:5 PT.
3:10 PT. DISAB.
4:10 PT. COMP.
5:10 PT. OTHER
6:10 PT./30% COMP
Employee veteran preference code. A number 0 - 6.
17station entry on duty date0;6DATE-TIMEIndicates employee's EOD (entry on duty) date for this facility (i.e. VAMC, OPC etc.).
18va employment starting date0;5DATE-TIMEIndicates the employee's EOD date within the VA system.
19service computation dateCOMPUTED
19.5end of probationary period13;2DATE-TIMEIndicates date on which employee's probationary period ends.
19.61date of promotion9;0MULTIPLE210.17Date of the employee's last promotion.
19.86npsb14;0MULTIPLE210.18Date on which the registered nurse's proficiency/annual narrative is due.
21.3professional education6;0MULTIPLE210.04Describes the professional education of the employee.
21.5highest nursing degree17;1POINTER212.1Indicates highest nursing degree held by the employee. Pointer to the NURS EDUCATION FILE (#212.1).
21.51highest nursing codeCOMPUTEDAbbreviation from File 212.1 indicating the highest nursing degree for this employee.
21.7highest academic degree17;2POINTER212.1The highest academic degree held by this employee.
21.71highest academic codeCOMPUTEDThe abbreviation of the highest academic degree for this employee.
22.5professional experience20;0MULTIPLE210.13Identifies the professional experience of the employee before 'Station EOD Date'.
This field indicates if the employee is a faculty member.
23.2faculty appointment1;0MULTIPLE210.08This field indicates that the employee has a faculty appointment.
23.5institution15;10FREE TEXTInstitution at which employee is a faculty member.
24national certification12;0MULTIPLE210.024Documents national certification of registered nurses.
25military experienceCOMPUTEDIndicates military experience for this employee.
26military status10;0MULTIPLE210.06Documents active and/or inactive status of military experience.
27*continuing education program18;0MULTIPLE210.12Continuing education programs attended by employee.
28*mandatory inservice program8;0MULTIPLE210.05Tracks employee attendance at mandatory inservices.
28.1mi review groupCOMPUTEDThe name of the mandatory inservice/training group(s) associated with this employee.
29privileges16;0MULTIPLE210.19Indicates the privileges granted to an employee.
41service categoryCOMPUTEDThis field indicates the service category of the employee.
42salaryCOMPUTEDThis field indicates the employee's salary which is stored in the PAID Employee (#450) file.

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