This file contains nursing information on all patient care areas and office locations specific to Nursing Service.
.01name(+)0;1POINTER44BName of the nursing location.
.02facilityCOMPUTEDThis field associates a nursing unit/location with a division of a medical center or facility.
.03product line1;4POINTER212.7PThis field associates a service/programs/product line with this Nursing Location.
.5care setting(+)1;5SET OF CODESI:Inpatient
This is a set of codes used to define the CARE SETTING of the nursing location as inpatient or other.
.6unit type1;6POINTER212.8This field defines the VANOD UNIT TYPE associated with the nursing location.
.7inpatient dss department1;7FREE TEXTThis identifies the Inpatient DSS Department.
1patient care flag(+)1;1SET OF CODESA:ACTIVE
DThis field determines if this location is for patient care. ACTIVE denotes that this is a patient care location, and INACTIVE denotes that this is not a patient care location.
1.5inactive flag(+)I;1SET OF CODESA:ACTIVE
This field flags whether this location is associated with active FTEE in the Nursing Package.
2mas ward3;0MULTIPLE211.41Pointer to the WARD LOCATION (#42) file represents the MAS equivalent of a NURSING LOCATION.
4amis bed section4;0MULTIPLE211.43Pointer to the #213.3 file. This field assigns one or more bed sections per NURS LOCATION.
11professional percentage1;2NUMERICThis number indicates the percentage of professional nursing personnel assigned to a unit.
12unit experience1;3POINTER211.5This field contains the clinical background that is associated with this location. The data in this field is used by the Nursing Acuity/Separation- Activation Run to update the professional experience field of the NURS Staff (#210) file. no longer active into the experience field of the NURS Staff (#210) file.
14poc data entry personnel5;0MULTIPLE211.414
15poc data approval personnel6;0MULTIPLE211.415
16service dates7;0MULTIPLE211.416Entries to the SERVICE DATES multiple field (#16) are added when the INACTIVE FLAG field (#1.5) is changed. This is accomplished by using MUMPS code in the "AC" cross reference of the INACTIVE FLAG field as a trigger to set the values for the SERVICE DATE field (#.01) and the STATUS field (#1) in the SERVICE DATES multiple.
37staff flagCOMPUTED This field indicates weather or not active staff members are assigned to the nursing location.

Referenced by 5 types

  1. BCMA REPORT REQUEST (53.69) -- ward
  2. NURS PATIENT (214) -- nurs location
  3. NURS CLASSIFICATION (214.6) -- nurs location
  4. POC DAILY ACTIVITY EXTRACTION (451.7) -- poc nurse location
  5. NURSING EXTRACT (727.805) -- nurse location