This file contains 8 possible locations where a person could have been a prisoner of war. This data is determined by VACO and is maintained by the PIMS software module via frequent software releases. Editing of this information will have severe and negative impacts on the operation of the PIMS module as well as other VistA software modules. Entries in this file must NOT be added, edited, or removed.
.001number11This field contains the internal entry number for this POW PERIOD. This number may be used by various software packages. This must not be edited and entries must not be added or deleted unless done through a software upgrade of the PIMS package.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of the period/place where a patient may have been a prisoner of war. Choices include WWI and Vietnam. This data must NOT be edited in any way.
1abbreviation0;2FREE TEXTCThis field contains an alternate name by which this prisoner of war period may be called. This abbreviation may be displayed on outputs or other displays where there is insufficient space to display the entire name of the POW PERIOD.
100synonym.01;0MULTIPLE22.01A synonym or shortened name associated with a specific period of service. The shortened name may be 2-28 characters in length and is a free text field. |
101code0;3POINTER21This field is a pointer to the .01 field of the Period of Service file which contains all periods of service and related data. The prisoner of war code contains the single character code by which this status is identified. Zero (0) stands for YES and one (1) stands for NO. |

Referenced by 9 types

  1. PATIENT (2) -- pow confinement location, combat service location
  2. ADMISSION EXTRACT (727.802) -- pow location
  3. CLINIC NOSHOW EXTRACT (727.804) -- pow location
  4. UNIT DOSE LOCAL EXTRACT (727.809) -- pow location
  5. PRESCRIPTION EXTRACT (727.81) -- pow location
  6. CLINIC II EXTRACT (727.818) -- pow location
  7. IV DETAIL EXTRACT (727.819) -- pow location
  8. NUTRITION EXTRACT (727.832) -- pow location
  9. BCMA EXTRACT (727.833) -- pow location