This file contains the parameters that control the behavior of the tracking software. It also contains XML descriptions that are used by the client display board software to control column appearance, row content, and cell color.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name for an area within the hospital. Emergency Department is the only area currently supported.
.02institution(+)0;2POINTER4CThis allows each station served by the VistA system to have its own set of areas.
.03last update0;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time that the configuration was last updated. This helps the client or display board know whether it is necessary to reload the configuration parameters.
1.1diagnosis required1;1BOOLEAN0:NO
This is true if a diagnosis must be entered before removing a patient from the display board.
1.11ambulance1;11POINTER231.8This field identifies which entry in the TRACKING ROOM-BED represents an arriving ambulance.
1.12initial room1;12POINTER231.8This field refers to the entry in the TRACKING ROOM-BED file that should be initially assigned to a patient when the patient is first added to the board (the default room). Often this is the waiting room.
1.2coded diagnosis1;2BOOLEAN0:NO
This is set to YES if the diagnosis is required to be an ICD9 code. Otherwise, the diagnosis may be free text.
1.3disposition required1;3BOOLEAN0:NO
This is true if a disposition must be entered before removing a patient from the display board.
1.4delay required1;4BOOLEAN0:NO
This is true if a delay reason must be entered for visits that have lasted longer than the number of minutes identified in DELAY MINUTES before removing the patient from the board.
1.5delay minutes1;5NUMERICThis represents the number of minutes a visit may last before a delay reason is required.
1.6first shift start1;6NUMERICSome of the reports may be generated by shift. This is the time that the first shift of the day begins. It is currently assumed that the shifts have equal length. This is the number of minutes past midnight when the first shift begins.
1.7shift duration1;7NUMERICThis represents the number of minutes the comprise a shift. If the shift is 8 hours long, this value would be 480 (8*60).
1.8prompt residents1;8BOOLEAN0:NO
This flag is set to YES if residents should be prompted for in addition to providers (i.e., the attending provider).
1.9prompt clinics1;9BOOLEAN0:NO
This flag is set to YES if clinics should be prompted for. This allows the visit to be created based on an explicitly selected clinic.
3color spec3;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis contains an XML document that is a map of the colors to be used for the display board.
4display board config4;0MULTIPLE231.94This multiple contains the XML descriptions of each display board definition.
230.1tracking updated230;1FREE TEXTThis timestamp is set whenever the data that is shown on any display board for an area has been updated.
231.1choices updated231;1FREE TEXTThis is a timestamp that is set whenever the definition of any display board for a given area has been modified.

Referenced by 6 types

  1. ED LOG (230) -- area
  2. TRACKING BOARD (231.6) -- area
  3. TRACKING STAFF (231.7) -- area
  4. TRACKING ROOM-BED (231.8) -- area
  5. CPE ROLE (232.5) -- xml abbreviation