This file contains a list of Patient Record Flag assignments. Use the Record Flag Assignment [DGPF RECORD FLAG ASSIGNMENT] option to create/edit entries in this file. Records in this file should not be added or edited except through the use of the Patient Record Flag software that is part of Registration. Doing so would likely cause Patient Record Flag database corruption.
.001number11This is the internal entry number which is assigned to each record of this file.
.01patient name(+)0;1POINTER2BThis field contains the name of the patient that has been assigned the PATIENT RECORD FLAG.
.02flag name(+)0;2VARIABLE-POINTER26.15, 26.11This field contains the Patient Record Flag Name that is assigned to a patient.
.03status(+)0;3SET OF CODES0:INACTIVE
This field indicates if the patient record flag assignment is Active or Inactive for this patient.
.04owner site(+)0;4POINTER4This field contains the current site that owns this patient flag assignment. Patient assignments may only be edited by the owner site. The owner site normally corresponds to the site providing primary care to the patient.
.05originating site(+)0;5POINTER4This field contains the site that initially assigned the patient record flag to this patient. The site that assigns the flag is not required to be the owner of the assignment.
.06review date0;6DATE-TIMEThis field will contain the date that the flag assignment is due for review to determine continuing appropriateness.
1assignment narrative1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis word processing field contains the patient record flag assignment narrative text. The assignment narrative text is a description of the incident or reason that generated the need for this patient record flag assignment. The description is followed by recommended actions that should be performed by a person working with this specific patient.

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  1. PRF ASSIGNMENT HISTORY (26.14) -- prf assignment