This file tracks the Military Sexual Trauma status for veterans as part of the data collection requirement for VHA Directive 98-058, "Sexual Trauma Counseling Care and Services". Data in this file SHOULD NOT BE MODIFIED directly. This is a history file which tracks the historical MST status for a veteran. All entries should be done through the associated List Manager application.
.01mst change status date(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis field contains the date of the MST status change. Time is required, and future dates are not allowed.
2name(+)0;2POINTER2This field contains a pointer back to the PATIENT File (#2)
3mst status(+)0;3SET OF CODESY:Yes, Screened reports MST
N:No, Screened does not report MST
D:Screened Declines to answer
U:Unknown, not screened
Indicates whether the patient has been screened, and whether the patient claims Military Sexual Trauma.
4provider determining status(+)0;4POINTER200DPointer to the provider who determined the MST status of the patient
5user changing status0;5POINTER200Name of the user who entered this change in status for the patient
6site determining status0;6POINTER4This field contains a pointer to the INSTITUTION file (#4) indicating the site associated with the MST Status determination. If the MST Status is entered by a local VistA site, then the API DGMSTAPI will load this field with the current Primary station number. If the MST Status is entered by Enrollment/Eligibility Data upload from the HEC, then the site stored with the record at the HEC will be loaded.

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