This file contains the reasons for which a disposition may not have been completed on time. The user defines a parameter using the ADT Parameter Entry/Edit option indicating after which timeframe a disposition is considered to be late. When dispositioning an application using the MAS module if the timeframe between the date/time of application and the date/time of disposition exceeds that parameter the user will be prompted to indicate the reason the disposition was late. The response to the prompt must be an entry in this file. This file is maintained by the MAS software module and should not be altered at the site level.
.001number11This field contains the internal entry number of this DISPOSITION LATE REASON. This number is determined by VA FileMan and the MAS software package. This number can be used in the software to determine programming flow. It must NOT be altered in any way. Nor should entries be added to or removed from this file.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains a reason why a patient may have been dispositioned after the allowable period of time (as determined by the site in the MAS PARAMETERS file). All reasons are determine by MAS VACO and the MAS SIUG and maintained by the MAS software module. This information should not be edited.
1abbreviation0;2FREE TEXTThis field contains an abbreviation for this DISPOSTION LATE REASON. On outputs or displays where there is insufficient room to display the entry reason for the late disposition, this abbreviation may appear instead.
2reason type0;3SET OF CODES1:NOT COUNTED
This field contains a 0 if a late disposition of this type should be counted on statistical reports, or a 1 if it shouldn't be.

Not Referenced