This file stores information associated with SF-215 or Deposit Tickets. Multiple Receipts can be open by different cashiers, but they are all tied to a deposit ticket that tracks the date the money is deposited to bank, who deposited the money, total deposit, etc. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01ticket #(+)0;1FREE TEXTBDeposit Ticket Number as assigned by Dept. of Treasury. The Pre-Lookup (D LOOKUP^RCDPUDEP) places the following limits on entering Deposit Ticket Number data when entered via the appropriate user option: Limited to 7 characters in the format of one alpha character followed by six digits. Ticket Deposit Numbers of 9 digits is limited to Lockbox Automated Deposit Process.
.02*date presented to bank0;2DATE-TIME***** This field is no longer used. *****
.03bank deposit date0;3DATE-TIMEDate deposit was actually recorded by bank or financial institution.
.04amount of deposit0;4NUMERICThis field is used for display purposes only. It is the total dollars for all receipts under the deposit. The field is populated when the deposit is confirmed.
.05bank trace number0;5FREE TEXTNumber assigned by financial institution to track the deposit.
.06opened by0;6POINTER200User that opened/created deposit ticket.
.07date/time opened0;7DATE-TIMEThis is the date the AR DEPOSIT ticket was created and made available for Receipts to be associated to this deposit ticket.
.08*deposited by0;8POINTER200***** This field is no longer used. *****
.09*date/time deposited0;9DATE-TIME***** This field is no longer used. *****
.1confirmed by0;10POINTER200User which confirmed deposit was made by bank and transmits FMS document.
.11date/time confirmed0;11DATE-TIMESystem date/time deposit was confirmed.
.12status0;12SET OF CODES1:OPEN
2:DEPOSITED(not used)
4:PROCESSED(not used)
5:VOID(not used)
ACThis field stores the status of the deposit. A deposit which is opened can have new receipts added to it. A confirmed deposit cannot be changed.
.13bank0;13POINTER342.1Name of bank/financial institution that deposit was made to.
.14agency location code0;14FREE TEXTALC assigned by Financial Management.
.15*start date/time0;15DATE-TIME***** This field is no longer used. *****
.16*end date/time0;16DATE-TIME***** This field is no longer used. *****
.17agency title0;17POINTER342.1Pointer name of the AR group established for deposits.
.18total amount of receiptsCOMPUTEDTotal amount of all receipts associated with a deposit.
1comments1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field stores comments by the user that better described the deposit ticket. For example, the appropriation and dollar amount deposited to each appropriation could be documented within this word-processing field.
100total receiptsCOMPUTEDTotal number of receipts associated with a deposit.
200*fms document number2;1FREE TEXTADOC***** This field is no longer used. *****

Referenced by 2 types

  1. AR BATCH PAYMENT (344) -- deposit ticket
  2. EDI LOCKBOX DEPOSIT (344.3) -- ar deposit record