This is a reference file containing the types of health insurance claim forms used in billing. Sites may add local forms to this file however, the number of entries for locally added forms should be in the stations number range of Station number time 1000. If other than UB-04 forms are pointed to by the BILL/CLAIMS file, then the follow-up letter job will create a separate tasked job for each bill to the Follow-up Printer for that form using the specified routine for that form. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.001number11Enter a number that is within the number range for your facility, that is xxx000 to xxx999 where xxx is your station number.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field names a type of form that is available for billing purposes.
.02default printer (billing)0;2FREE TEXTThis is the default printer that will appear at selected prompts for this form type.
.03follow-up printer (a/r)0;3FREE TEXTFor forms other than the UB-04, this is the default printer that has this form mounted for follow-up letter/forms for Accounts Receivable.
1.01routine1;E1,245FREE TEXTThis is the routine that will get executed for follow-up letters and bills printed in a batch if this is not a UB-82 entry.
2.01base file2;1POINTER1This is the number of the Fileman file to be used as a 'base' to extract Fileman fields for this form.
2.02format type2;2SET OF CODESP:PRINTED FORM
This is the type of form that is being defined.
2.03form length2;3NUMERICIf a printed form, this is the number of lines that the form has to be used to know when a form feed needs to be sent to the printer.
2.04national form2;4BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is set to YES (1) for nationally distributed forms, is null or 0 for locally defined billing forms.
2.05parent form2;5POINTER353This is the name of the national parent form that the local form is associated with. Association in this way allows a site to override specific fields in the national form with local modifications without changing the national form definition. The output generator uses all national form fields associated with the local form except for those fields overridden.
2.06short description2;6FREE TEXTThis field contains a brief explanantion of the purpose of the form.
2.07field delimiter2;7FREE TEXTThis is the delimiter that will be placed between fields of a transmitted type form by the output generator. If this field is left blank, an '^' is assumed to be the delimiter. Fileman will not allow an '^' to be entered in this field.
2.08print form name2;8POINTER353This is the pointer to the entry in this file (itself or another entry with this entry as its parent) that will be used to print bills of this form type.
2.09local billing screen2;9POINTER353This is the form that will be used to build the local billing screen for enter/edit a bill.
50entry pre-processorPRE;E1,245FREE TEXTThe code that is executed before extracting data for an individual form entry using the forms output generator. Can be used to set up any variables necessary before processing a single entry.
51entry post-processorPOST;E1,245FREE TEXTThe code that is executed after extracting data for an individual form entry using the forms output generator. Can be used to clean up variables or do some ancillary processing such as update print date or printed by fields.
52output codeOUT;E1,245FREE TEXTThe code to xecute to actually print or transmit the form entry after all fields have been extracted to the sort global.
53extract codeEXT;E1,245FREE TEXTThe code to xecute to actually extract data into the sort global for the form entry.
54form pre-processorFPRE;E1,245FREE TEXTThe code that is executed before starting to extract any entries (using the forms output generator) for this form.
55form post-processorFPOST;E1,245FREE TEXTThe code that is executed after all entries have been passed through the forms output generator extract for this form. Can be used to clean up any variables used in processing.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. BILL FORM TYPE (353) -- parent form, print form name, local billing screen
  2. IB FORM SKELETON DEFINITION (364.6) -- bill form
  3. BILL/CLAIMS (399) -- form type