Used as a workspace for the import/export utility.
.01dhcp data type(+)0;1FREE TEXTBA type of data that is recognized as such within the framework of scanning DHCP forms and which requires its own Paper Keyboard description.
.02maximum length for input(+)0;2NUMERICThe maximum number of characters that can be input for this data type.
.05print format0;5FREE TEXTUsed to print the field. Fields for certain types of data, such as telephone numbers and Social Security numbers usually require certain formats, such as 092-52-0493 for an SSN. The PRINT FORMAT allows the required format to be specified.
.06space allocation(+)0;6NUMERICThis is used to determine how much space on the form to allocate for the hand print.
.07required confidence0;7NUMERICThis is the confidence level (as defined by Paper Keyboard) that should be applied to this data type.
.1recommended label0;10FREE TEXTWill be used as a default label.
.11label for unit of measurement0;11FREE TEXTThe unit of measurement as defined by the PCE Generic Device Interface.
.12pce gdi vitals type0;12FREE TEXTThe type of vitals measurement - used only for the PCE GDI VITALS node.
.13pce gdi vitals units0;13FREE TEXTThe unit of measurement - used only for the PCE GDI VITALS node.
1pce gdi input transform1;E1,245FREE TEXTThe input transform should change X into a value that can be passed to the PCE Generic Device Interface. X should be killed if it not be transformed. Note that the return value of X need not meet all of PCE's validation requirments - for example, X may be an inactive code.
2help for input transform2;1FREE TEXTHelp for the user.
10.01paper keyboard data type10;1SET OF CODESa:ALPHA (any ASCII)
t:TIME(HHMM, VA FileMan format)
These are the data types provided for by Paper Keyboard. The ALPHA data type can be further described by a Paper Keyboard picture clause. The Integer data type does not apply if the field can contain spaces or punctuation other than a '-'.
10.02paper keyboard picture10;2FREE TEXTEnter a picture clause specific to Paper Keyboard. A picture clause describes the intended format for the data type. This is similar to an M pattern match. For example, a CPT code is 5 characters, the first character may be an alpha or numeric followed by 4 numeric characaters. To represent this picture in Paper Keyboard, one would enter the picture X####.
10.03dictionary10;3FREE TEXTEnter the name of a Paper Keyboard Dictionary. A dictionary can be applied to ICR data types to improve the recognition of ICR fields. This is the name of the file that Paper Keyboard uses.
10.04pk pictures for subfields10;4FREE TEXTWhen using print formats for paper keyboard you should enter the picture clause in this field. For example, the print format for a SSN might look like ___-__-____. This would cause the dashes to be printed and user input to be accepted in three subfields with lenghts of 3, 2, and 4 numerics. You would then enter the picture in this field as ###-##-####. (note the # sign is used as the picture for numerics)

Referenced by 2 types

  1. PACKAGE INTERFACE (357.6) -- allowable qualifiers
  2. IMP/EXP PACKAGE INTERFACE (358.6) -- narrative data type, primary value data type