This file contains entries created by the Third Party automated biller. As the auto biller attempts to create bills based on events in Claims Tracking it sets entries in this file indicating the action taken by the auto biller for the event. The only way entries are added to this file is by the auto biller, there is no user entry. An entry may be created for the event if a bill could not be created, this entry will contain a comment on why the bill could not be created. If the Claims Tracking event could not be billed because the Earliest Auto Bill date did not match the time frame set by the parameters, no entry is made in this file but the events Earliest Auto Bill Date is reset. An entry will be created for every event that a bill was created for, in some cases these entries will have comments about the event that may be of interest to billing the event. Entries are deleted from this file in two ways. Entries for events that were billed are only deleted by the system, when the bill is either cancelled or authorized. Entries without corresponding bills must be manually deleted by a user, with the option provided. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01number(+)0;1NUMERICBA reference number that should be unique for each entry.
.02claims tracking id0;2POINTER356CThe Claims Tracking event for this comment entry.
.03bill number0;3POINTER399DThis is the bill associated with the Claims Tracking event, if any.
.05date entered(+)0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date the event was added to the comments file. This is usually the date the auto biller first tried to create a bill for the event.
11comments11;0WORD-PROCESSINGComments associated with the Claims Tracking event the the Bill/Claims bill.

Not Referenced