A Rate Schedule defines a specific type of service that may be billed to a specific payer. This links all elements necessary to define exactly what events are billed (Charge Set) to which payers (Rate Type). There should be a unique Rate Schedule for each type of service billable to a payer.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBA Rate Schedule which defines a set of charges billable to a payer for a specific type of service. This is a free text short description that should identify who and what is being billed.
.02rate type(+)0;2POINTER399.3The Rate Type of the bills the charges of this schedule should be applied to.
.03bill type(+)0;3SET OF CODES1:INPATIENT
The type of care being billed or type of bill the charges of this schedule are for.
.04billable service0;4POINTER399.1The type of service covered by the charges of this Rate Schedule.
.05effective date0;5DATE-TIMEThe first date the charges associated with this Rate Schedule may be billed to a payer.
.06inactive date0;6DATE-TIMEThis is the last date this Rate Schedule may be used to bill a payer.
1.01dispensing fee1;1NUMERICThis dollar amount is the dispensing fee component of the rate schedule adjustment that was entered.
1.02administrative fee1;2NUMERICThis dollar amount is the administrative fee component of the rate schedule adjustment that was entered.
10adjustment10;E1,245FREE TEXTThis allows the base charges of a rate to be adjusted for specific types of payers. Modifies the Unit Charge of all items assigned to this Rate Schedule. For Example, this would be used to bill a certain type of payer only 80% of the CMAC. Or to add a $2.50 fee to each prescription. This is a line of M code and should only be modified by an M programmer. Once the Unit Charge is determined for a billable item, this code is executed to modify that charge. This modified charge is what will be added to the bill. When this code is executed: - the original value of the Unit Charge will be in variable X - the modified charge to be billed should be returned in variable X Use the local namespace for any other variables needed and kill them. To charge 80% of the Unit Charge: S X=X*.8 To add a $2.50 fee to the Unit Charge: S X=X+2.5
11charge set11;0MULTIPLE363.0011All Charge Sets for this Rate Schedule. These define all the charges that may be billable to the payors for a specific type of bill.

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