This file contains the definitions of all Charge Sets. A Charge Set defines a charge rate for a single type of billable event. DO NOT edit data in this file with VA FileManager.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBDescriptive name to help identify the billable items and the rated defined by the Charge Set.
.02billing rate(+)0;2POINTER363.3CThis is the type of rate which defines the charges associated with this Charge Set.
.03billable event(+)0;3POINTER399.1This is the type of care being billed or itemized on a bill that the payer is charged for. This should correspond to an actual item that may be found on a bill.
Defines the charges in this Charge Set as exclusively either professional charges or institutional charges. This is used to identify the charges to add to bills that are defined as exclusively professional or institutional bills.
.05default revenue code0;5POINTER399.2This revenue code will be the default for all items in this Charge Set. If a Charge Item does not have a Revenue Code defined for it, this code will be used. Therefore, if most charges for this set should have the same revenue code, enter that code here. If there is no Default Revenue Code for a Charge Set, then each Charge Item of that set will be required to have a Revenue Code.
.06default bedsection0;6POINTER399.1Bedsection is required to add charges to a bill. This is a bedsection that represents the service responsible for the charges in this Set. If the charge for this Billing Rate is not associated with a bedsection, then add the bedsection that should be added to a bill with the charges for this Set.
.07region0;7POINTER363.31This is the region the charges this set apply to. This is only needed if the charges for this set are modified based on locality/region.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. IB SITE PARAMETERS (350.9) -- awp charge set
  2. CHARGE ITEM (363.2) -- charge set