This file contains the messages that are sent electronically back to the site relating to EDI processing. These include, but are not limited to, status messages, error and warning messages found in the EDI transmission cycle, insurance company updates, batch summaries and statistics. These messages are stored by message type and options exist that scan this file and display the messages to the appropriate users and allow each one to be dealt with and resolved if necessary.
.01message #(+)0;1FREE TEXTB
.02message type0;2POINTER364.3AMTThis field contains the type of message that is represented by this record. It is used to determine the type of processing and processing options that will be allowed for this message.
.03date recorded0;3DATE-TIMEARDThis is the date and time that this record was recorded in this file.
.04batch number0;4POINTER364.1ABAThis is the batch number this message is associated with. This field only applies to message types that deal with batch processing.
.05transmit bill0;5POINTER364ABIThis is the bill number this message is associated with. This field only applies to message types that deal with bill processing.
.06status(+)0;6SET OF CODESP:PENDING
AMSThis is the current status of this message.
.07patient0;7POINTER2If this is not a bill processing type message, it must be a patient type message. This is the name of the patient referenced in this type of record.
.08source level0;8SET OF CODES0:PRIOR TO PAYER
This field identifies the level of the source of the EDI message. If it was generated by the payer, this field is a 1. If the message was generated by other than the payer, this field is null or 0.
.1message date0;10DATE-TIMEAMDThis is the date and time when the message was generated. It will be taken from the return message transaction.
.11update task0;11NUMERICThis is the last Task Manager job that was entered for this transaction.
.12data base updated0;12BOOLEAN0:NO
This is a flag that keeps track of whether or not this message has been applied against the data base and updated the appropriate statuses of the transmit bill and any other appropriate files.
.13source0;13FREE TEXTThis is the text to identify who sent the message.
.14claim resubmitted test0;14BOOLEAN0:NO
This is a flag that indicates if the status message is for a non-TEST claim, a test claim that was sent as TEST only or a live EDI claim that was resubmitted as a test claim. The first 2 instances will always have a 0 (NO) here, while the third instance will have a 1 (YES).
1.03status changed date1;3DATE-TIMEASCDThis is the date and time that the status was last changed.
1.04status changed by1;4POINTER200The name of the person who last changed the status of this message.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. EDI TRANSMISSION BATCH (364.1) -- reject message