The Auto Match file is a VistA facility to help IIV match user-entered insurance company names to the correct insurance company names in the insurance company file. This file links together an Auto Match Value with a valid insurance company name. The Auto Match Value may contain common spelling mistakes and wildcard characters to aid in the selection of a valid insurance company name. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01auto match value(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field is the entered name for the insurance company. This value holds the 'incorrect' insurance company name which needs to get corrected and replaced with the valid insurance company name. Typical values in this field will include common spelling mistakes and incorrect insurance company names. Also allowed here is the "*" wildcard character. Any entry with a wildcard character must also contain at least 4 non-wildcard characters. Multiple asterisks are allowed here.
.02insurance company name(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThis is the name of a valid insurance company from the Insurance Company file (file# 36). The insurance company name entered here must be a currently valid company name meaning that the entry must be active and not scheduled for deletion.
.03date/time entered(+)0;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time that the auto match value was created.
.04entered by(+)0;4POINTER200This is the user who created the auto match value.
.05date/time last edited(+)0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time that the auto match value was last edited.
.06last edited by(+)0;6POINTER200This is the user who last edited the auto match value.
.07original entered value(+)0;7FREE TEXTThis is the original value of the 'entered by' field. The first time an entry is created, this value will get set and then no further updates to this field will be made. This will provide the original value to this entry.
.08original insurance company(+)0;8FREE TEXTThis is the original, valid, correct insurance company name at the time this entry was first created. This is for auditing and historical tracking purposes only. This field isn't updated after the original data entry.

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