The PFSS SITE PARAMETERS file holds data required for proper function of the IBB software, which provides common utilities and procedures for PFSS. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01site(+)0;1POINTER4BThe SITE field (#.01) is populated during the initial installation of this file. Once set, it may not be edited or deleted, nor can additional records be added to the file. Only one record exists and its internal entry number is 1.
.03messages per batch(+)0;3NUMERICThe value in this field determines the maximum number of charge records to be inserted into a Charge Batch when running the background job associated with the PFSS Charge Batch Processing [IBBA BATCH DFT] menu option. The field is site configurable from a minimum of 10 records to a maximum of 999 records per batch message.
.04service master directory0;4FREE TEXTThe system directory which will hold the text file used for seeding or updating the PFSS SERVICE MASTER file (#374).
.05mail group for service master0;5POINTER3.8This selection of the appropriate mail group is left to the local site. This mail group will receive the Error Reports issued from the PFSS SERVICE MASTER file (#374) seeding and maintenance processes.
.06mail group for charge0;6POINTER3.8This is the Mail Group that will receive all error messages generated in IBB during charge transaction prcessing initiated by CHARGE^IBBAPI.
.1charge processor running0;10BOOLEAN1:YES
When menu option IBBA BATCH DFT invokes EN^IBBADFTO, the setting of this field is immediately checked. This is intended to prevent concurrent jobs from processing the Charge Cache. If this field is set to "YES , then EN^IBBADFTO exits immediately. If this field is set to "NO , then it is set to "YES and processing in EN^IBBADFTO continues. When processing of the Charge Cache is completed, just before EN^IBBADFTO exits, this field is set to "NO .
.11charge process start time0;11DATE-TIMEThe CHARGE PROCESS START TIME indicates the exact date/time when charge processing is started via EN^IBBADFTO. When field #.1 is set to "YES , then current system date/time is set into field #.11. When field #.1 is set to "NO , then any data in field #.11 is deleted.
1.01master switch(+)1;1SET OF CODES1:ON
This is the PFSS On/Off Switch which determines whether the PFSS functionality is in use ("ON ) or not in use ("OFF ).
1.02effective date/time(+)1;2DATE-TIMEThis is the exact date/time at which the PFSS On/Off Switch enters the status shown in field #1 as determined by the local site/user.
2current charge id2;1NUMERICThis is the current setting of the PFSS Charge Identifier. Applications using PFSS must tag each charge transaction with a unique identifying number, which is stored within the application's file structure, and sent within the HL7 charge message to the external medical billing. system. To obtain a PFSS Charge Identifier the application calls $$GETCHGID^IBBAPI(). That function increments the CURRENT CHARGE ID by 1 and returns that value to the calling application.
10switch historyH;0MULTIPLE372.01This is a multiple field which will be automatically updated each time the IBBA MASTER SWITCH menu option is used to change the setting of the MASTER SWITCH field (#1).
11service master history11;0MULTIPLE372.011This is a multiple field (subfile) which will be automatically updated each time the PFSS SERVICE MASTER file (#374) is updated via a text file from an external source.

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