The purpose of this file is to allow DHCP software flexibility and reliability when the station number of a medical center changes or when one or more stations have merged into one station. Adding or modifing entries in this file may affect many DHCP applications. Control of entry into this file should be carefully controlled by the IRM Service Chief.
.01reference number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis field is the reference number of the entry in the file. It is assigned by the enter/edit routine.
.02effective date0;2DATE-TIMEEThis is the effective date of the station number for this division. If you are creating a new division with a new station number then the entry for this division should be sufficient. If your medical center is changing station numbers then an entry for this effective date is required for all medical center divisions.
.03medical center division0;3POINTER40.8CThis is the medical center division that you want to create a station number entry for. You must create one entry for each medical center division. If you are changing station numbers then one entry for each division is required for the new effective date.
.04station number(+)0;4FREE TEXTDThis is the 3 digit station number, if this divison has a suffix then this is the station number and the suffix.
.05is primary division0;5FREE TEXTEach station has one primary divison. This normally is the divison where the station number is 3 numberic characters with no suffix. If this is the primary division then this field should be set to 'YES'. Only one division may be the primary division at a time.
.06inactive0;6SET OF CODES1:YES - INACTIVE
This field is used to inactivate a station number. A new entry for a station number for the date it became inactive is required, and this field should be made set to 'YES' for the entry that inactivates the station number.
.07other institution0;7POINTER4If this entry in the Station Number file is for a station that is not a Medical Center Division then this is the institution pointer to this entry. This field isn't currently used but could be used for possibly Record Tracking, Outpatient Pharmacy CMOP's, or Reference Lab work and others if only I knew what else to do with it.
17000integration nameINTEG;1FREE TEXTThis will be used for the new name for sites that have integrated.

Not Referenced