This file is the main file for the Incomplete Records Tracking package IRT This is where all of the data is stored that will be displayed for each deficiency on the enter/edit screens and on all of the reports.
.01patient(+)0;1POINTER2BEnter the patient for which this summary or op report has been recorded.
.02type of deficiency(+)0;2POINTER393.3Enter the type of deficiency that is being tracked.
.03event date(+)0;3DATE-TIMECEnter the date of the event (discharge date for discharge summaries, date of summary for interim summaries, or date of surgery for op reports).
.04admission0;4POINTER405ADMEnter the admission associated with this report. Enter nothing if this is an outpatient op report.
.05location(+)0;5POINTER44Enter the location of the patient at the time of the event (discharge operation or interim summary.
.06division(+)0;6POINTER40.8Enter the division at which this event took place. Will initially be determined by the WARD field.
.07specialty(+)0;7POINTER45.7Enter the treating specialty the patient had at the time of this event.
.08service(+)0;8POINTER393.1ACEnter the service responsible for filing this report. This field will be used to generate reports that are incomplete by service.
.09primary physician(+)0;9POINTER200Enter the physician responsible for the patient... usually the physician that will be responsible for the dictation of the summary or report.
.1attending physician0;10POINTER200Enter the physician responsible for reviewing this summary (if applicable).
.11status(+)0;11POINTER393.2Enter the status of this report at the present time.
.12physician responsible(+)0;12POINTER200This is the physician that is responsible for the dictation of the report.
.13inpatient report?(+)0;13BOOLEAN1:YES
Enter 1 if this report is for an inpatient episode. Enter 0 if it is an outpatient op report.
.14physician for deficiency0;14POINTER200This field contains the name of the physician that is responsible for the deficiency at the present time. This field changes whenever an action is taken against a deficiency and the status changes. This field will be displayed on all the IRT reports as well as all of the enter/edit screens.
10.01date dictatedDT;1DATE-TIMEEnter the date on which this record was dictated. Time of day may also be entered.
10.02dictated byDT;2POINTER200Enter the user responsible for dictation of this summary or op report.
10.03date transcribedDT;3DATE-TIMEEnter the date (or date/time) on which this report was transcribed.
10.04transcribed byDT;4VARIABLE-POINTER200, 440Enter the person or vendor that transcribed this report.
10.05date signedDT;5DATE-TIMEEnter the date on which this summary was signed by the responsible provider.
10.06signed byDT;6POINTER200Enter in this field the name of the provider that signed this summary or op report.
10.07date reviewedDT;7DATE-TIMEEnter the date on which this summary or op report was reviewed. Entry of a review date/reviewer is optional.
10.08reviewed byDT;8POINTER200Enter the name of the individual responsible for reviewing the signed summary or op report.
20.01commentsMSG;1FREE TEXTThis field is a free text field that the user may add any comments that they need to, in regards to the deficiency. Each deficiency has a comment field.

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