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This file holds any patient information that was transmitted using PDX. If field # .05 is set to 'YES', fields # .03, .04, 10, 20, and 30 will not contain data (field # 50 will contain the display ready format of the segment). If field # .05 is set to 'NO', field # 50 will not contain data (fields # .03, .04, 10, 20, and 30 will contain the information required to rebuild the Extraction Array). Segments stored as display ready will only have one entry.
.01data(+)0;1NUMERICB Incrementing number (used to uniquely identify each value).
.02segment0;2POINTER394.71Data segment to which the information belongs.
.03file number0;3NUMERICFile number from which the information came.
.04field number0;4NUMERICField number from which the information came.
.05display ready0;5BOOLEAN1:YES
Set to 'YES' if the segment is being stored in display ready format. Set to 'NO' if segment is being stored as individual pieces of information.
10valueVAL;1FREE TEXTInformation that was stored in the specified field of the specified file.
20identifierIDNT1;1FREE TEXTThis field uniquely identifies the "master" value (to whom the information pertains).
30sequence numberSQNCE;1NUMERICSequencing number used when more than one value came from the same file/field.
40transaction numberTRNS;1POINTER394.61Transaction from which the information came.
50displayable segmentDSP;0WORD-PROCESSINGSegment in display ready format.

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