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2507 EXAM
This file contains all the exams that are associated with the various 2507 requests. NOTICE: This file is part of an implementation of a Nationally Controlled Procedure. Local modifications to this file are prohibited per VHA Directive 10-93-142.
.01exam reference number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis field contains an entry number of the exam in the 2507 Exam file. It is not related to an Exam number or a worksheet number.
.022507 request(+)0;2POINTER396.3CThis field connects the given record with the 2507 request record that the exam is on.
.03exam type(+)0;3POINTER396.6FContains the name of the exam.
.04status0;4SET OF CODESO:OPEN
The value of the status of the exam record. (Open, Closed, Transferred or Cancelled) This field is used as part of the implementation of a Nationally Controlled Procedure (AMIS 290). Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, the information contained in this field is not to be changed as the results of local (site) modifications.
.05work sheet printed0;5BOOLEANY:YES
Indicates if the user has printed the worksheet when a request was logged or an exam was added to a request.
.06date of exam0;6DATE-TIMEThe date the exam was performed.
.07examining physician0;7FREE TEXTThe name of the Doctor that performed the examination.
.08fee exam(+)0;8BOOLEANY:YES
Indicates if the exam was performed on a Fee basis.
.09exam place0;9SET OF CODESC:CLINIC
Indicates where the exam was performed.
.1doctor's electronic signature0;10FREE TEXTThe doctor's electronic signature. This is for use with the Kurzweil system.
.11insufficient reason0;11POINTER396.94This field contains a pointer to the Insufficient Reason file (396.94).
.12original provider0;12FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of the provider who performed the original exam. If the exam was transferred from another Medical Center, the name of that site should be included in this field.
1capri template id2;1POINTER396.17Pointer to the CAPRI template used to complete this examination.
50cancellation date/timeCAN;1DATE-TIMEIndicates when the exam was cancelled.
51canceled byCAN;2POINTER200Indicates who cancelled the exam.
52cancellation reasonCAN;3POINTER396.5Contains the reason for cancellation from the 2507 CANCELLATION REASON file (396.5).
53cancellation comments5;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field captures the comments from the CAPRI GUI comments field of the 2507 EXAM Details Screen.
60date transferred outTRAN;1DATE-TIMEIndicates the date an exam was transferred to another VAMC.
61transferred out byTRAN;2FREE TEXTA Free Text field which contains the name of the user that transferred an exam to another VAMC.
62transferred out toTRAN;3POINTER4.2Contains the name of the institution that an exam was transferred out to.
63date transferred inTRAN;4DATE-TIMEContains the date an exam was received at a remote site. that remote site.
64date returned to owner siteTRAN;5DATE-TIMEUsed by a remote site when an exam is transferred to that site for completion. Upon completion and release of a transferred exam, this field records at the remote site the date the exam was released to the originating site.
70exam resultsRES;0WORD-PROCESSINGContains the results of a completed exam.
71exam results rtf1;0WORD-PROCESSING
72exam results xml3;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a file that contains VLER DAS service requests and responses.
73xml das confirmation4;1FREE TEXTThis is the DAS status confirmation returned by VLER DAS.
74xml transmission date/timeTRAN;6DATE-TIMEThis is the system date and time stamp of when the VLER DAS XML was filed.
75tiu document id0;13POINTER8925This field is a pointer to a TIU document containing the examination report. The CAPRI GUI will automatically populate this field when a C&P exam template is completed via the CAPRI interface.
80insufficient remarksINREM;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field contains insufficient remarks entered by the Regional Office when the C&P Exam Request is returned with a Priority of 'E' (Insufficient).
90date transcription complete0;14DATE-TIMEThis field records the date/time the user has marked the exam document as complete.
100contractorCNTRCTR;1POINTER396.45This field stores the external Contractor (or Company) reference that has been assigned to perform this 2507 exam.
101date transferred to contractorCNTRCTR;2DATE-TIMEThis field stores the transaction date and time of when the patient's 2507 exam(s) was sent to the external Contractor (or Company) for processing.
102date received from contractorCNTRCTR;3DATE-TIMEThis field stores the transaction date and time of when the patient's completed 2507 exam was received by the VA from the external Contractor (or Company).
103remarks sent to contractor6;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field captures the comments from the CAPRI GUI remarks sent to the contractor.

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