This file holds the name of spool documents created by the Kernel spooler (%ZIS4) for all operating systems. It does not hold the text of the documents themselves. That text is first spooled to spool space, then moved into the ^XMB global as a mail message. This file does, however, provide the mechanism for securing spool space for and during spooling. It is cross-referenced by name, spool number, user, and mail message.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field holds the name of the spool document. To avoid device handler confusion, the name of the spool document must not look like the name of a terminal type, e.g. C-VT100, since either name might be contained in a response to the device prompt.
1spool number0;2FREE TEXTCThis is a system-assigned identification number for spool documents.
2status0;3SET OF CODESa:Active
This is an internal flag to indicate the status of the spool document.
3date initiated0;4DATE-TIMEThis field indicates when a spool document was created as an entry in this Spool Document File.
4user0;5POINTER200ADUZThis field holds a pointer to the New Person File to indicate the identity of the person creating the spool document.
5started0;6DATE-TIMEThis field indicates when spool device activity began.
6printed0;7DATE-TIMEThis field indicates when the spool document was printed.
7page attributes0;8FREE TEXTThis field holds the device parameters which were established by the initial device handler call. These parameters are retained and use when the job is spooled and when the spool document is printed.
8number of lines0;9NUMERICThis field holds a count of the total lines spooled for this spool document. It is used in conjunction with the limit set in the Kernel Site Parameter File to regulate the amount of spooled text that users may accumulate.
9spool data0;10POINTER3.519AMThis field holds a pointer to the Spool File indicating the storage location of the spooled document.
10incomplete report indicator0;11SET OF CODES1:YES, REPORT IS INCOMPLETE
This flag is set buy the spooler code to indicate that not all of the report was restored from the system spool space.
21device's2;0MULTIPLE3.5121This subfile holds the names of the devices that are being used for despooling (printing).
31other authorized users3;0MULTIPLE3.5131This is a list of other users that my print this spool document.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. SPOOL DATA (3.519) -- entry