This file is for internal use by TaskMan and the Device Handler in the sequential processing of tasks. Jobs that have been sent to a resource-type device will be monitored according to fields in this file. To accomodate the Device Handler's need to write to but rarely read from this file, the translated ^%ZISL global is used. This file is cross-referenced by name and job number.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis file is for internal use by TaskMan and the Device Handler. Names of resources are defined by the Device Handler according to the $I value of resource-type devices in the Device file.
1available slots0;2NUMERICThis field indicates whether another task can be sent to this resource. For sequential or single thread processing, this field will have a constant value of one. The RESOURCE SLOTS field in the Device file is used to determine the number. If the RESOURCE SLOTS are greater than one, the value of this field will change as the beginning tasks complete and slots become available for other tasks that have been directed to this resource.
2slots in use1;0MULTIPLE3.542This multiple field stores information about the jobs that currently own this resource.

Not Referenced