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.01basket(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe basket is the place where messages are delivered and/or stored.
1message1;0MULTIPLE3.702This is a list of pointers to messages which are in this basket. Note that the basket contains only pointers. The text of the message is held only once in the Message file.
2# new messages in basket0;2NUMERICThis is the field that is displayed during look-ups and lists of baskets. Holds a count of the number of messages which are flagged as NEW for this basket.
3delivery basket?0;3BOOLEANY:YES
The sender of a message may specify the *basket* into which the message should be delivered for all recipients. This field is relevant only if you have set ACCEPT DELIVERY BASKET? to 'SELECTED baskets only'. Is this basket one of those baskets which will accept messages from senders who have specified target delivery baskets?
4read new msgs basket priority0;4NUMERICAPWhen you read new messages by basket, MailMan suggests the IN basket to read first. If you want MailMan to suggest other basket(s) before suggesting the IN basket, then fill in this field with a priority order number. MailMan will suggest the basket(s) in the priority order set by you. The IN basket will be suggested last. (You will not be able to choose the IN basket.) Once all the priority baskets have been read, MailMan will suggest baskets in alphabetical order.

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