This file contains records for all active Recall Reminders. Once a patient has called to make an appointment, the entry is then moved from this file to RECALL REMINDERS REMOVED file. Patients should not be entered into this file when their future appoitment is less than 30 days. The records are maintained by Recall Date and patient name.
.01patient name(+)0;1POINTER2BRecall Reminder patient name this is a pointer to the patient file #2.
2accession#0;3FREE TEXTThis is the lab order number or the lab accession number if known.
2.5comment0;7FREE TEXTComments needed for this recall entry.
2.6fast/non-fasting0;8SET OF CODESf:FASTING
If the patient has had lab tests ordered for this recall visit, select either Fasting or Non-Fasting labs. If the patient has no labs orders leave blank.
3test/app.(+)0;4POINTER403.51This is the type of Recall Visit that is assigned for this entry.
4provider(+)0;5POINTER403.54CThe provider who is assigned for this Recall entry.
4.5clinic(+)0;2POINTER44EThis is the Hospital Location which this patient will have the Recall entry assigned.
4.7length of appt.0;9NUMERICThe length of appointment (in minutes) that will be required once scheduled.
5recall date(+)0;6DATE-TIMEDRecall Date is a date the provider has requested the patient to return. This must be a future exact date.
5.5recall date (per patient)0;12DATE-TIMEThis is the Recall Date that the patient is requesting. It can be different from the Recall Date, which is what the Provider has requested. This must be a future exact date.
6date reminder sent0;10DATE-TIMEThis is the date that the first letter/card was printed and sent to the Veteran.
7user who entered recall0;11POINTER200User who enter or edit a Recall entry.
8second print0;13DATE-TIMEThis is the date that the second letter/card was printed and sent.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. SDEC APPOINTMENT (409.84) -- appt request type