This file contains all relations of a veteran, including the veteran himself/herself. Demographic data (name, SSN, date of birth, and sex) can be found in either the PATIENT file (if the relation is a veteran) or in the INCOME PERSON file (if the relation is not a veteran). A single individual may be entered in this file more than once of that individual is related to more than one veteran. An example would be a spouse that was a veteran. One entry would exist for the veteran himself and one as the husband of his veteran wife. This would also hold true for children of two veteran parents. This file relates all relations for a veteran to the veteran. These relations are date sensitive and can be activated and inactivated. Data in this file is utilized by the income screening and means test portions of MAS. It should be edited through those applications and not through direct access through VA FileMan.
.01patient(+)0;1POINTER2BEnter the name of the patient to which this individual is related (even if it is the patient himself/herself).
.02relationship(+)0;2POINTER408.11Enter in this field the persons relationship to the veteran. Choose only those that are appropriate for the sex of the person entered. Self and Spouse will not be selectable or editable. They are created automatically by the module. If there are already 19 child dependents associated with the veteran this dependent may not be son, stepson, daughter or stepdaughter.
.03person(+)0;3VARIABLE-POINTER2, 408.13CEnter in this field the name of the relative. The entry must be either in the PATIENT file (for those individuals that have been seen as patients in this facility) or the INCOME PERSON file.
75effective dateE;0MULTIPLE408.1275This multiple contains data on when an individual became a dependent and a non-dependent. First, a date must be selected and then it must be determined whether on that date the relative became active or became a non-dependent. This information is used in the means test and income screening modules for purposes of income collection. Only those persons that are active relatives of a patient will require income collection.

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  1. INDIVIDUAL ANNUAL INCOME (408.21) -- patient relation