This table file contains entries that describe appointment categories/groups. An APPOINTMENT STATUS(#409.63) file entry can be associated with one or more of these groups This relationship is defined by the ASSOOICATED GROUPS(#100) multiple of that APPOINTMENT STATUS file. The SDAM APPT MGT (Appointment Management) option of the Scheduling package uses this association. In that option, the user is allowed to select which 'group' of appointments to view. Appointments with a current status associated with that group are then displayed. If a group needs to be added/modified/deleted, a patch will be issued instructing the site how to make the change. Otherwise, this table file should not be edited in any way by the site.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of the appointment group.
.02title0;2FREE TEXTThis field contains the free-text title for the group. The title is used as part of the header in the 'Appointment Management' option screen. The header describes the appointment list being displayed.
1screen1;E1,245FREE TEXTThis field contains the MUMPS code that returns $T which is used to determine if an appointment should be used as part of the group. Normally, this field is not filled in and the association of an APPOINTMENT STATUS to the group is enough to define the relationship. An example of the use of this SCREEN field is in the FUTURE group entry. Both the INPATIENT and FUTURE appointment statuses are associated with this group. However, INPATIENT appointments can be in the past and future. The screen causes only appointments with a date/time of greater than today to be used.

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