The Clinic Stop file (#40.7) contains all AMIS Stop Codes and their associated Name, Restriction Type (E-Either, P-Primary Only, or S-Secondary Only), and if applicable, Restriction Date (for P or S Restriction Types). If a clinic stop entry is inactive, there is an Inactive Date. This file has been "Locked Down" so that Fileman and other user updates are not allowed. Changes may be made only through VistA Maintenance (VM) patches coordinated with the Managerial Cost Accounting Office (MCAO) and Enterprise Product Services (EPS). The file definition (data dictionary) shall not be modified. All additions, changes, inactivations, and reactivations to entries in the file shall be accomplished only by VM patches. Creating new Stop Codes or local Stop Codes, and/or editing fields in the file, is not permitted.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of the clinic stop code.
1amis reporting stop code(+)0;2NUMERICCThis field contains the number related to the stop code that is used when generating the OPC file. This number is what is transmitted.
2inactive date0;3DATE-TIMEThis field contains a date of when a Clinic Stop code has been inactivated.
3convert to stop code0;4POINTER40.7This field contains a pointer value to the new Clinic Stop code that has a three number AMIS REPORTING STOP CODE.
4cost distribution center0;5FREE TEXTThis field contains a number related to a cost distribution center. This is related to the RAM.
5restriction type0;6SET OF CODESP:Primary
This field describes a Stop Code restriction type. Valid entries are:- P - Primary S - Secondary E - Either
6restriction date0;7DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date the Stop Code became restricted. When the 'Restriction Type' field has a value of 'P' or 'S' then a 'Restriction Date' should be associated with it.

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